Superior Customer Service

Our Priority is Superior Customer Service | Brown’s Collision Center

There are many reasons to cultivate excellent relations with customers. Strong customer service is a critical part of making a business successful. The core of every type of business is, on some level, the buying and selling of products or services. Customers are, of course, an essential component of the process. While it’s important for […]

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How to Receive Insurance Estimate for Auto Damage

How to Receive Insurance Estimate for Auto Damage | Collision Center | NWA

In the event of an auto accident or damage sustained to your vehicle, you need to inform your insurance company of the situation. Make sure to take care of everything with the police responding to the accident beforehand (you’ll need the police report information), but once all of that is taken care of, contacting your […]

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Collision Repair Shop Bentonville, AR

How to Know If your Collision Repair is Done Accurately | Bentonville, AR

When taking your vehicle in for collision repair, you assume the body shop will do the job correctly. However, you should never just drive away without performing your own inspection. A quick collision repair self-inspection can help you detect any errors in the repair. Even the smallest issue with repair can have lasting effects on your […]

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