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Auto refinishing is among the most important things your car will need in its lifetime. Whether a reckless driver banged against your car with their door or you miscalculated the distance between a stationary object and your vehicle, your paint job might sustain dents and scratches, which might cause more trouble than being a mere eyesore. There is really nothing worse or embarrassing than driving a car that is partially painted. Let us not forget the fact that a brand new looking car gives you confidence and power on the road.

The process of refinishing at Brown’s Collision Center basically involves two steps. During the first phase, a base coat of the paint is applied, while the second step entails the application of a clear top coat. This top coat serves to seal the paint and prevents it from peeling easily when scratched. In other cases, like when adding flake or pearl, a mid-coat is applied. This, however, depends on personal preferences.

Here are four compelling reasons for contacting our seasoned staff at Brown’s Collision Center for an exceptional refinishing job.

Prevent Structural Damage

Keep in mind that your car is made of steel, a material that is highly susceptible to damage and gradual deterioration over time. Unless you are keeping your car in the garage like an ornament, its frequent use increases the chances of exposure to weather elements, like snow, dirt, and rain, compromising the value of the metal beneath the coating. Luckily, our experienced technicians utilize appropriate coats of paint to keep the steel stronger for a longer time. A well-finished and maintained car can serve you for more than 5 years straight.

Increase Your Car’s Resale Value     

Are you contemplating selling your car and looking to make the most out of it? How about getting a new look? Selling your old looking car will get you some pocket change, but refinishing your car and subsequently selling it might get you a fortune. Refinished cars attract higher resale values because they look nicer, plus the buyer will not have to paint it again. With appropriate refinishing and full car servicing, you might end up getting 40 percent more than what you anticipated from the sale.

Prevent Car Rust

When driving around, you might have encountered cars that look like trash bins. Such vehicles have rusted so much that they look older than they are. A rusty-looking car tarnishes your reputation and increases your chances of getting other malfunction issues with it. When exposed to the environment for a while, the steel body of your car will corrode and turn yellowish or brown, which is not a pleasant look. Auto refinishing prevents corrosion by coating the steel body, preventing exposure to environmental elements, like moisture, that leads to rust.

Eliminate the Cleaning Hustle

Cleaning a refinished car is a walk in the park. Elements like dust and debris hardly get stuck on your vehicle. Thus, cleaning your car doesn’t require extensive scrubbing, which ultimately saves you water and energy. You may even choose to dust off the car instead of cleaning it with soap and water.

Your car speaks volumes about your character. A clean refinish makes you appear neat, organized and of high social status. Conversely, a dirty, rusty and old-looking car might portray you as a reckless person with low self-esteem or someone who doesn’t care for their investment. If you reside in Bentonville, AR and would like to experience our outstanding auto refinishing services, call us today. The dedicated staff from Brown’s Collision Center will exhibit their prowess in making your car look brand new again.

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