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The appearance of your vehicle gives an impression of you to people. This is to say that a vehicle’s appearance is an extension of people’s personalities. Proper maintenance of the external appearance is necessary as it determines the value of your car. Paint that has chipped away and worn out causes the value of a car to depreciate. A newly refinished car should be taken care of to retain the fresh new look for longer. Make sure you use the right products and procedures as you care for your newly painted vehicle. Below are tips that will help you care for an auto refinished vehicle.

How to Care for an Auto Refinished Car

It is usually advisable to repaint your vehicle’s body when you notice that the external appearance is dull and paint is chipping away. Once the auto refinishing is done, you need to properly care for your car so that the paint remains new for longer. You can opt to have a professional take care of your car in case you are unsure of how to do it. Expert mechanics have experience and understand better how to care for a newly pained vehicle. It would help if you avoided placing objects that might damage the freshly done paint on your vehicle and make a habit or removing leaves that fall on your vehicle. To maintain the new look of your vehicle, you need to follow the right procedure of cleaning and maintenance and use the right products. In case you are unsure of the products to use, ask your auto expert for recommendations.

1. Washing

The kind of brush you use to wash an auto refinished vehicle matters a lot. This is because the paint can easily be scraped off. Consult your auto expert to find out the best brush to use. If you are using a high powered hose, set it at the lowest spray setting and stand about 2 feet away from the vehicle. Remember not to wash your car in the sun as this intensifies the effect of sunlight on your vehicle. To avoid water spots forming on the car body, especially when you are using hard water, clean a section at a time. Drying the vehicle immediately after you are done washing it ensures water spots don’t form on the body. Remember to use the right products when cleaning to avoid damaging the paint.

2. Polishing

Adding a mirror-like gleam to your freshly painted car gives it an elegant shiny look. Color sanding and buffing is one way of polishing your auto refinished vehicle. Contact an auto expert if you want your vehicle polished. In case you want to use the water sanding method to polish your vehicle, ensure the paint is adequately cured before taking the vehicle to an auto expert.

3. Waxing

Waxing should only be done after 30-45 days after auto refinishing. As you wax the vehicle, ensure you avoid applying wax on;

• Rubber surfaces

• Molding

• Bumpers

4. Maintenance

Without the proper maintenance, an auto refinishing job would most likely go to waste. Your vehicle’s exterior needs to be regularly maintained so that it lasts for longer. Dirt and debris should be washed off the car with a garden hose. Use a brush for the front of the radiator.


Auto refinishing gives your vehicle a fresh new look and projects the right impression of you to people. It is recommended that if you are unsure of how to maintain your car, you should contact an auto expert. Avoid driving through gravel roads with a freshly pained vehicle.


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