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Whether your vehicle experiences major or minor auto body damage, you will require a professional mechanic to restore your vehicle to pre-damage conditions. Vehicle damages can be quite frustrating since they cause you major inconveniences. Working with a reputable auto body repair shop ensures that your inconveniences are minimized, and you can go about your activities. Even when you observe all traffic rules and regulations while driving, you could still be involved in a car accident due to another person’s reckless driving. The following are common causes of auto body damages and how Brown’s Collision Center helps you recover from them.

1. Hail Damage 

Hail storms that come down in the form of softballs can cause serious damage to your car’s roof and windshield. When your vehicle experiences hail damage, it is recommended that you take it to a reputable auto body repair shop. A professional technician will use advanced equipment to assess the damage and determine the best cause of action.

The sooner you have your vehicle checked, the better because hail damage can result in excess moisture in the interior parts of the vehicle. Having moisture inside your vehicle could end up damaging electronics and other parts that should not be in contact with water.

2. Collision 

Auto body collisions can arise as a result of another driver’s negligence and careless driving or simply due to an honest oversight. Once you ensure your safety, you should take your vehicle to a reputable auto repair shop. Brown’s Collision Center has a healthy working relationship with most insurance companies, and a professional will contact your insurer on your behalf.  Once the insurance claims are successfully navigated, a team of trained and certified professionals will assess the damage on your vehicle and decide of the best remedy for each damage. Professionals guarantee extensive auto body repair services so that your vehicle maintains excellent drivability.

3. General Wear and Tear

After you drive your vehicle for a while, the elements are bound to take a toll on its performance and appearance. At Brown’s Collision Center, you get regular maintenance services to ensure your car retains its value. Trusted auto body professionals will ensure your vehicle always looks as good as new.

4. Vandalism 

In the unfortunate event that your car gets vandalized, ensure you take it to a reputable auto body repair shop for excellent repair services. A team of dedicated experts will assess the damages your vehicle sustained and ensure to repair it extensively. A reputable auto repair can help you install the latest security measures so that you prevent theft and unauthorized access to your vehicle. Installation of alarm systems ensures you are notified each time someone tries to access your vehicle without your say so.

5. Scratches and Dents

Your vehicle’s body could sustain dents and scratched as a result of a driver sideswiping against your car or when another vehicle tries to squeeze next to you in the parking lot. No matter what results in dents and scratches, a professional mechanic has the expertise to restore your car body to pre-damage conditions.  Scratches damage your vehicle’s paintwork, thereby, affecting its appearance. A professional mechanic will ensure your vehicle body is restored with excellent auto refinishing services.


Working with a reputable auto body repair shop ensures that your car’s value is maintained. No matter the cause of damages, an expert technician has the expertise to assess the damage and provide a suitable solution. Regular maintenance ensures that your vehicle retains its value.


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