An Auto Body Repair Shop with Great Customer Service!

In my perspective, an auto shop that values my car, and offers excellent customer service is ideal. When shopping for an auto body repair shop in Bentonville, Arkansas, trust Brown’s Collision Center as they care about their customers!

When considering an auto body repair shop, here are some qualities you should look for:


A perfect auto shop ought to have highly trained and certified technicians with vast knowledge in cars. I prefer that such technicians have experience in different car models. This means my car will be repaired according to its make and specifications. Professional technicians have the following qualities key in repairing damaged automobiles.

  • They give clients an update on the process followed during  repair
  • They use original paint that restores the car to its original color
  • They treat each customer with the respect they deserve
  • They ensure your car is repaired in record time

Customer friendly Shop

Customer satisfaction is their number one priority.

After work/added value services

After repair services always ensure customers get value for money used. I have found great pleasure in auto shops that offer these services. For instance, if the repair takes longer than anticipated, an ideal auto repair shop should offer rental car services free of charge. They may also offer refunds or free services in the event of a car not performing according to the customer’s expectations.  After work services always make me confident of such auto shops. It makes me to go back for other services in case of a mechanical problem.

Relation with insurance firms

I always choose an auto repair shop that boasts of a healthy relationship with insurance companies. Such shops are instrumental in negotiating on behalf of their customers. They ensure the customer’s car damages are covered and compensated fully. Whether the car sustained major or minor damages, reputable auto shops ensure that the client’s insurer is aware of the damage and therefore, meeting the coverage of the cost incurred. This is an auto shop that I can’t miss visiting regularly.


A perfect auto repair shop focuses on customers’ needs and makes such needs are their priority. Cars are expensive possessions and how they are handled matters a great deal. For me, I’d always go for an auto shop that will give me the value of my money by offering meticulous services worth every dime! Reach out to Brown’s Collision Center for any auto repair questions!


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