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When taking your vehicle in for repairs, you need to know it is in the hands of trusted repair professionals. From minor fender repairs to more extensive accident damage, every car, truck or SUV is a little bit different from the next, which is why you need not just an experienced repair professional, but an ASE-certified repair technician. At Brown’s Collision Center, that’s EXACTLY what you get. All of our technicians are trained and certified, so you know you’ll receive the very best in repair services.

What is ASE Certified

Short for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, this is a certification that has been handed out since 1972 by a non-profit organization in hopes of identifying the very best automotive technicians. We at Brown’s Collision Center are extremely proud of our certification and are constantly striving to exceed standards of excellence. ASE signals excellence and distinction in vehicle repairs, parts distribution, and services. The entire purpose of the ASE certification is to protect you, the consumer, as it is difficult to know exactly what garage or repair shop to go through. Taking your vehicle to the wrong shop not only may mean faulty repairs, but it may increase your chance of an accident at the same time. ASE certification is around to give you confidence in the repair staff so you know your vehicle is always in the very best hands.

How Does Someone Become ASE Certified?

As is the case with most certifications in varying industries, each of our technicians must pass the ASE certification tests. There are different tests for varying departments, as the repair technicians take a different certification test than those ordering stock and working with service and distribution. The test is created by a national panel of automotive industry professionals who are experts not only in current vehicle repair but who know what kinds of new technology needs to be known and understood.

There are specialty tests in every single category. While vehicle repair is a specific area of study, there are segmented tests for this. This includes specialty repair on heavy duty trucks, school buses, collision repair and others. Many of our technicians have varying certifications, as they work not only on collision repair but with parts and labor as well. If you are ever interested in what kinds of certifications our staff has, feel free to ask. We are more than happy to go over our certifications and what you should expect from technicians such as ourselves.

The ASE certified test isn’t just open to anyone though. Every automotive technician looking to take the test needs to have either a two-year degree in automotive repair or a documented minimum of two years of on-the-job training. This way, if you bring your vehicle to us at Brown’s Collision Center, you now that every single one of our technicians is not only ASE certified, but hat at least two years of experience.

When it comes to vehicle repair, one of the most important signs of quality you should look for is an ASE certified technician. This is an individual who not only has on the job training, but has passed the ASE certification exam(s). By having these kinds of qualified technicians on staff, you know you’ll receive the very best repairs. At Brown’s Collision Center, one of the most important services our staff offers is peace of mind. We know how important your vehicle is and that you want to make sure it is well taken care of. So if you’re in need of repair services or have questions, give us a call.

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