At Brown’s Collision Center, We Go the Extra Mile | Customer Service

At Brown’s Collision Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, the customer service, hospitality, and professionalism is exceptional! They value their customers.  They have a warm reception and are ready to offer assistance on every requests and inquiry that you may have.

When the automobile is under repairs, Brown’s customer care will often update you on the progress and ensure if the rental car is all that you wanted. The commitment of Brown’s body shop to their clients has no boundaries! They will go the extra mile to ensure that after the car leaves the repair shop, there is a follow up to ensure it’s doing just fine.

1. Customer Friendly Company 
Brown’s Collision Center offers friendly customer service right as you walk in the door. It’s their goal to make you forget the unfortunate incident and they make sure the vehicle comes back professionally detailed out and inside.

The workmanship is guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle, and to top it up, the auto shop services are fast and at a fair rate!

2. Professional Staff  
Brown’s Collision Center has been around for a long time, and every professional staff has experience in their field. The client-centered approach used at Brown’s Collision Center ensures that they offer top-notch customer service and cater for all auto needs.

You can expect professionalism, efficiency, and transparency when your car is at Brown’s Collision Center. Vehicles are repaired in record time so that you are not inconvenienced for too long. Rest assured that if the repairs take longer than anticipated, Brown’s Collision Center will honor their commitment.

3. Insurance Claims 
They have an excellent working relationship with most insurance providers, and so help in the estimates and to negotiate insurance claims. This is a thumb up for the collision center for they offer these services free of charge from an ASE professional.

4. Lifetime Warranty  
For every repair, Brown’s Collision Center guarantees a lifetime warranty. For every client who experiences an anomaly after the car leaves the shop, the customer service receives it with a smile, and the professional technicians have a depth analysis of the repair. Here there are no extra charges. Brown’s excellent customer service ensures your life is made easier as an automobile owner.

5. Transparency in pricing 
In every visit to Brown’s Collision Center, there is a free estimate based on an accurate damage assessment. The trained and certified technicians use an electric diagnostic and repair system to ensure that the damage assessment is extensive and accurate. The computerized repair systems ensure that clients are charged for the exact repair service.

Brown’s Collision Center offers excellent customer service to all its clients. Their staff treat the entire clientele with equality and conduct all repairs based on the customer’s specifications.

Brown’s collision center prides itself in gaining the trust and admiration from their loyal clients. This has been made possible by the diligent customer services team and that is why Brown’s is my choice for anyone seeking body works from simple to extensive repairs.

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