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What Are Your Auto Body Replacement Options? | NWA

In the event of damage to a vehicle, there are different auto body repair options available. Smaller dents often are pulled out without any visible damage to the car. Larger dents or panel cracks may require an expert mechanic to apply a filler to smooth it out so it matches the vehicle’s contours. In other instances, when the damage to a panel, bumpers or siding of the car is too extreme or poses the threat of additional structural damage to the vehicle, the panel must be replaced. Should this be the case, our team at Brown’s Collision Center can help educate you on the different auto body replacement options available to you.

Factory Grade Panels

These repair parts come directly from the factory that builds parts for your specific vehicle. This means the repair panel used in the repair matches the factory original. Depending on the vehicle and the part in question, this is usually the to be the best option aesthetically. All measurements are made specifically for your vehicle. Price wise,  however, it often is the most expensive, which is the one downside. For newer vehicles, an exact match panel is essential. The more common (or older) a vehicle, the more likely it is that third-party manufacturers make replacement parts for panels (and especially bumpers), so you may have less expensive options.

Third-Party Panels

Third-party panels are made by companies other than those used by the factory. There are varying reasons why this happens. Sometimes production for a specific vehicle is high, and the original manufacturer isn’t able to provide both original fabrication parts and replacement parts in sufficient quantity, so a third-party manufacturer produces the replacement parts. Other times, as a vehicle ages, the original manufacturer may discontinue older paneling as it focuses on other, current vehicles. As the need for repair parts continues, a third-party manufacturer provides replacement panels. In terms of auto body repair, most third-party panels maintain the same quality level, yet may cost less (depending on the vehicle and the part in question). At Brown’s Collision Center, or team of experts can help inform you on the specific differences for your vehicle and give you our recommendation if your insurance provider does not pay for a factory grade parts in its entirety.

Used Parts

When going economically, used parts offer a valuable way to save money and use factory grade parts previously designed for your make and model. These used parts come from auto junkyards, both locally and nationally. When a vehicle is sent to a junkyard, it still has many undamaged parts, often including the panels. Insurance companies may push for sourced used parts in the event of a repair. Sometimes a model year before or after is used if your specific model year is not available as long as the part matches the look of your vehicle and doesn’t alter the safety of driving in your vehicle following auto body repairs.

At Brown’s Collision Center, all vehicles are treated with expert care. From minor dents to major accidents, it is the goal of every repair job to restore a vehicle to its pre-accident condition. When replacing a panel is required, our team works with you and your insurance company to find the best auto body repair parts for the job. If you were recently involved in an accident, need repair work performed on your vehicle or simply have basic questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact Brown’s Collision Center at your earliest convenience.

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