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Repairing your vehicle relies on attention to detail. From a bent frame to replacing paneling, any slight alterations to your set of wheels can have a lasting impact on how it performs and its overall level of safety. That is why our team at Brown’s Collision Center focuses on giving you the best detail and quality of work with our ASE Certified repair technicians. However, before you take your vehicle into a shop, whether it’s ours or another in town, there are several specifics you need to keep in mind.

Understand Your Vehicle’s Dimensions

While it is essential to trust your auto repair mechanic, you also need to know your vehicle dimensions. You can locate this information within the owner’s manual and if you don’t have the manual, you can obtain it through the manufacturer’s website online. This way, when you return to pick up your vehicle, you can look over the replaced and repaired panels to make sure everything fit correctly. If you’ve been driving the vehicle for several years any slight increase or shift in paneling will probably catch your eye anyway.

It might not seem like a big deal if one panel is off by half an inch. After all, the car still runs, doors still open, and everything else seems to run fine. The problem is if a panel is off it means the other panels around it likely are not properly aligned. It also alters how wind runs off the vehicle. The manufacturer designed the car specifically to be as aerodynamic as possible within its physical construction. When a panel is off just a bit, it can cause drag. This slight drag will be different on one side over the other, which causes the vehicle to wear down differently. It may start to pull to one side, cause the tires to wear to that side, and in the event of an accident, this may lead to a much more severe accident and injury to you and anyone else in the vehicle.

Always Pick Up Your Vehicle During the Day

After you take your vehicle to a collision center, you may receive a phone call that your vehicle is done, so when you head over after work to pick it up. You don’t want to pick up the vehicle when it’s dark outside. This reduces visibility during inspection. If you are not able to inspect the vehicle, wait until the next day. While an inconvenience, it allows you to go over the vehicle completely, without feeling rushed or that you can’t see everything.


When taking your vehicle into a collision center always make sure the repair specialists are ASE Certified. This guarantees their education and experience level in repairs.

Attention to detail and quality of work are critical when it comes to repairing your vehicle. If your frame is not perfectly aligned, or if the panels are half an inch off, the rest of the vehicle will respond in kind. This will cause substantial problems with how the car handles, and it may even reduce the safety of the vehicle while on the road. You deserve the very best, which is why our team at Brown’s Collision Center are here to help ensure you have peace of mind over your auto repair. Are ASE Certified repair technicians have the on the job training, education, and demonstrated skill to repair any make and model. So, whether you were in a fender bender or a major accident, give us a call. We’re here to help.


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