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After an auto collision, your vehicle is vulnerable to suffering further damage. If repairs are done improperly, you risk further damage to your car, leading to much more costly repairs in the future. To ensure that you get the best results the first time around, you need to put your vehicle in the hands of an ASE certified professionals.

What Does ASE Certified Mean?

The National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE) created the certification program to guarantee the quality of workmanship done by mechanics in the U.S. and Canada. To become certified, mechanics must complete two full years of training in an educational or on-the-job environment. Once the training is done, mechanics can take any of up to 50 specialty exams. The tests are challenging, with a pass rate of only 66% for first-time test takers.

What Are the Benefits of Using ASE Mechanics?

When you turn your vehicle over to an ASE certified mechanic, you know that you’re getting service from an expert in the field. ASE certification means five essential things for you, the driver:

  1. Commitment: It takes time and money to become ASE certified. A mechanic who has gone through the process has shown the knowledge and dedication necessary to achieve this distinguished honor. It also indicates that your mechanic is someone who enjoys their work and sees working on your car as a career and not just a job.
  2. Up-To-Date Education: When your parents were young, it was common for them to take their car to the local “shade tree mechanic” – the guy at the end of the road who had the right tools and knew a little something about cars. Today’s vehicles are fine-tuned pieces of engineering, computer-powered, and in need of precise care. An ASE certified technician must go through a recertification process every five years to keep their credentials current, so they have to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry.
  3. Experienced Estimates: The scariest words that can come out of your mechanic’s mouth are, “We underestimated the extent of the repair…”. What may have started as a $200 repair can spiral quickly to $1,000 or more like new parts, and labor expenses exceed expectations. When an experienced ASE certified mechanic goes over your project, the estimate is coming from someone with years of hands-on experience and training to make the estimate as accurate as possible. This alleviates much of the fear surrounding your auto repairs.
  4. Limit Hidden Problems: An auto collision does more than damage the exterior of your car. In some circumstances, a seemingly small accident can cause extensive damage to other systems in your vehicle. An ASE certified mechanic understands how the different systems in your car are tied together and can make informed decisions about the best way to proceed with your repair to prevent any further damage.
  5. Done Right The First Time: Putting your car in the repair shop is an inconvenience for most drivers, and the longer it stays in the shop, the worse the situation becomes. You can limit the amount of time you’re without your vehicle by getting the work done right the first time, every time.

At Brown’s Collision Center, we start your collision repair with an estimate from an ASE certified professionals. That person will walk you through the steps necessary to get your car back to its previous condition while answering questions that may arise. Call us today at 479-273-2639 to schedule an appointment.

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