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There’s nothing like the great American road trip. The ability to drive from Los Angeles to New York City or Miami is unique to the United States. Anywhere and everywhere is open to you and your love of the open road. Of course, before you head on out for your epic summer road trip, you need to prepare your vehicle. While you should always stay on top of the recommended maintenance schedule provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer, here are three additional tips our team at Brown’s Collision Center believes you should take advantage of prior to hitting the road: 

Take Care of Basic Maintenance

Before heading out, make sure to perform some basic maintenance. Chances are you’ll be putting at least several hundred miles on your vehicle (if not several thousand). Due to this, you need to have your oil changed. Make sure whoever changes your oil also changes your oil filter as well (if you change your oil you should always replace the filter at the same time). 

While you’re at it, also change the engine air filter. Summertime can bring with it a good amount of dust (especially if you head West and drive through popular desert destinations such as the Grand Canyon). Additionally, top off the liquids such as your window washing fluid and install new window wiper blades as well. You can have a professional perform all of these tasks for you in little to no time before you hit the open road!

Have the Belts Inspected

The belts inside your vehicle last a long time. However, if you haven’t had them changed in several years, you may want to consider having the belts replaced. Belts are not expensive to replace, yet if a belt snaps, your vehicle will become undrivable. Having a vehicle towed to a local repair shop in order to replace a belt is not only time-consuming, but it quickly eats into your road trip fund. Instead, while you have the oil changed, ask the service crew to inspect the belts too.

Consider New Tires and Brakes

If your tires have just a small amount of tread left, you’ll want to replace the tires. This will improve traction, cut down on how long it takes to stop and improve fuel economy. You should also consider where you’re driving. The tires you have on the vehicle may not be best for driving through desert road conditions. The outside temperature could be well over 100 and the road temperatures could be hot enough to cook a steak! You will want to talk this over with your tire repair specialist as there are different kinds of tires for these conditions. And if you currently have winter tires, you’ll want to replace the tires anyway. Cold weather tires do not absorb the heat from summer pavement the same and will end up cracking.  

There’s just something about life on the open road. It might take longer than flying, but there’s just so much to see and do. In many ways, it really is about the journey and not the destination. However, to make sure your journey is as smooth sailing as possible, you need to follow these three tips the professionals at Brown’s Collision Center recommend. And should you find your vehicle sustaining any kind of unforeseen damage along the way, don’t worry. Our team at Brown’s Collision Center is here to help repair any and all damage. This way, your vehicle will be restored and ready to go for the next time you’re prepared to take it out on the road. 

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