Collision Repair | Professional

Trust the Pros at Brown’s Collision for Your Advanced Collision Repair

Car collisions can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s body and frame. Advanced collision repair should be able to restore your car to its pre-collision condition. Make sure you take your car to a repair shop that does quality repairs at an affordable price. General auto repair and advanced collision repairs both need dedicated technicians […]

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Computerized Measuring & Diagnostics

Why Computerized Measuring and Diagnostics are Vital to the Life of Your Vehicle

Colliding with another car on the road is an unforeseen accident. Vehicle frames take beatings from car collisions ranging from fender benders to serious head-on collisions. With today’s complex car designs, fully understanding the damage done to a vehicle can be a challenge. Computerized measuring and diagnostics are an easy way to measure the damage […]

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Auto Repair | Collision Paint Touch Ups

The Importance of Auto Refinishing Your Car After a Collision | Brown’s Collision Center

After an accident, your vehicle will likely need body work. Whether this is pulling out dents and filling in cracks or completely replacing panels, there’s a good chance the repairs will not leave your paint job unscathed. This means you’ll need some kind of auto refinishing service to ensure a match between the rest of […]

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