Auto Collision | Northwest Arkansas

Auto Collision in Northwest Arkansas | Brown’s Collision Repair | Quality Work

An auto collision can be disruptive for anyone! It’s stressful to suddenly have to change schedules, coordinate rides and eventually get your car repaired. You may be working on a tight budget, and it’s important to find an affordable repair shop. The best way to avoid rip-offs during auto repair is to know how your vehicle operates and by identifying […]

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Auto Body Damage | NWA

Difference Between Traditional Body Damage Repair and Aluminum Repair | NWA

In order to meet specific government fuel standards, many automakers have begun constructing vehicles from high-grade aluminum as opposed to the more traditional steel. Aside from high-end sports cars constructed from fiberglass, steel has been — and continues to be — the go-to building material for most manufacturers. It’s durable, easily forged, and is a […]

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Sign at Brown's Collision Center

Brown’s Collision Center: Finding Success in Providing Exceptional Customer Service

When fixing a wrecked or damaged car, great customer service makes a great customer experience! Brown’s Collision Center in Bentonville, AR, proudly offers great service for their customers. Their experts in collision repair listen to both what the customer wants and needs to get the job done. The standards at Brown’s are high because customers […]

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Auto Insurance Estimate

How to Receive an Insurance Estimate for Auto Damage? | Brown’s Collision Center

In the event of damage to a vehicle, whether it’s a collision, weather damage, or another situation out of your control, you’ll likely work with an insurance provider to help cover the cost of repairing it. Obtaining an acceptable insurance estimate for auto damage can vary between different insurance providers; at Brown’s Collision Center, we […]

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Customer Service | Brown's

Our Priority is Superior Customer Service | Brown’s Collision Center

There are many reasons to cultivate excellent relations with customers. Strong customer service is a critical part of making a business successful. The core of every type of business is, on some level, the buying and selling of products or services. Customers are, of course, an essential component of the process. While it’s important for […]

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