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Nobody likes having their vehicle damaged. Whether you noticed a new ding in the parking lot at the grocery store or had a serious collision, body damage can diminish the appearance of your vehicle while reducing its overall value. Depending on your circumstances, you may opt to live with body damage. However, the severity of the damage cause problems in performance and reduce your vehicle’s safety or operating life. This is why I take my vehicles to Northwest Arkansas trusted auto body repair facility, Brown’s Collision Center for evaluation whenever damage occurs.

Assessing Auto Body Damage

When your vehicle suffers any kind of auto body damage due to an accident, you should to report it to your insurance company straight away. The next step is bringing the vehicle to the top Northwest Arkansas trusted auto body repair facility. Even if the accident was a mild fender bender, the frame of your vehicle may have experienced damage. Frame damage greatly reduces the structural soundness of the entire vehicle and increases the chance of additional body failure. Frame damage can affect how the vehicle handles, brakes, and responds. Frame damage is just one of the serious, underlying issues, you might not notice yourself, but a professional auto body assessment will locate with ease.

Panel Gaps and Shut Lines

Most modern vehicles are designed for safety. This is why you’ve likely noticed a modern vehicle dents far easier than that pickup truck you owned from several decades ago. Panels are more likely to suffer dents from smaller impacts. If you have suffered some sort of an impact around your door and you find it difficult to open or close the door, you should bring the vehicle in for repairs.

The same is true if your vehicle’s hood or trunk does not close after an accident – it’s fairly common in rear-end collisions. If the trunk fails to close securely, you can soon have other problems. The first is debris falling out of the trunk while driving. The second is the trunk light will remain active, even if you have the door tied down, which can flatten your battery and leave you stranded.

Electrical Components Are Exposed

While vehicle electrical components are protected, if you have wiring, bulbs, or anything else that draws power exposed to the elements in any unintentional way, you need to immediately have this fixed. Prolonged exposure can cause many issues. While the chances of electrocution are slim, components may short out or cause everything connected to the same fuse to short out as well. Should this happen, it may be far more expensive to repair all the electrical elements that have been damaged than just the original electrical issue. Plus, depending on the type damage, it may be illegal to drive the vehicle with these electrical components exposed.

In the event of sustaining auto body damage, you should bring your vehicle to the top Northwest Arkansas trusted auto body repair service, Brown’s Collision Center. There’s never a good time to have to pay for body work on your vehicle, but often these issues are covered by insurance and the knock-on effect of putting the work off can be ruinous. Stop by, or contact the friendly team at Brown’s today.

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