Brown’s Collision Center is an ASE Certified Collision Repair Professional

When it comes to auto repair, you need someone who is experienced and ASE certified. Experience doesn’t always mean appropriate knowledge of your vehicle, and the last thing you want is for the vehicle to be repaired incorrectly. A panel installed a fraction of an inch incorrectly will impact wind resistance, fuel economy and how your vehicle pulls to one side or the other. At Brown’s Collision Center, our team of ASE certified collision repair professionals are on hand to work with you and to provide you with the very repairs and service available.

How Does A Technician Become ASE Certified?

Wherever you take your vehicle, you want to make sure the repair technician is ASE certified. The certification comes from a national non-profit organization, designed to provide car owners peace of mind so they know the individual working on their vehicle has demonstrated the necessary knowledge and experience required to repair the vehicle.

There are several kinds of ASE certifications. With regard to a damaged vehicle, you want an ASE certified collision repair technician and an ASE certified collision damage Estimator. This way, you not only will have the excellent work done on your vehicle but you’ll have the very best cost estimate ahead of time.

In order to become certified within either of these fields, a technician must have at least two years of on the job experience, or a two-year degree in auto repair as a prerequisite. They must also take and pass the ASE Certification Exam.

Different Levels of ASE Certification

A garage will openly display their ASE certification credentials. At Brown’s Collision Center, we do the same. We want you and all other drivers who come in to know we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the very first time.

When looking for ASE certified collision repair, you should be aware of different kinds of ASE certification. In general, a repair technician and damage estimator are all you’ll need with your vehicle auto body repairs. However, if you need more extensive work, such as work on the engine, transmission, or on a specialty vehicle, there are other forms of certification you’ll want to look for.

For certified collision repair, the official exam is known as “Collision Repair and Refinish Certification.” There are individual certifications a technician can seek out. These include a painting and refinishing certification, non-structural analysis and damage repair certificate, structural analysis, and damage repair certification, and study in mechanical and electrical components.

When a technician has become certified in each of these areas of study, they will become known as an ASE Certified Master Repair Technician. So when looking for an ASE certified collision repair technician, it is a good idea to consider whether they are a master repair technician, or are just certified with one of the given categories.

Up to Date Certifications

Certifications must be kept up to date. Vehicle technology changes all the time. That’s why technicians must retest every five years.

Whether you’re in an accident or a tree fell onto the roof of your car, Brown’s Collision Center is here to help. We will provide you with an in-depth inspection and cost analysis, so you and your insurance provider know what we need to do to get your vehicle back in pre-accident shape. If you’re currently looking for a repair shop, want to know more about our services, or are ready to schedule your inspection, give our team at Brown’s Collision Center a call.

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