Car Care For Cold Weather | Winter Auto Maintenance

Here at Brown’s Collision Center, we take great pride in servicing your vehicles. Whether your car needs work due to a fender bender, a major accident, or damage sustained during regular driving, we’ll go the extra mile to fix your vehicle and return it to its previous condition. However, while we love working with you, it’s our goal to help you prevent the avoidable damage. This is best done through regular winter auto maintenance.

You don’t need to be a mechanic or understand everything taking place under the hood to extend the life of your vehicle and make sure it’s working as soundly as possible. During the cold winter months, your auto maintenance checklist does grow a bit, but everything is easy to do and will help keep your vehicle running at optimal performance. Here are a few of our car care pointers specifically for the winter:

Wash Your Car

This is probably the most natural step you can perform, but it’s a must. However, while washing your vehicle yourself during the summer might be something you enjoy, you’ll be better off taking it into one of the many local car washes in the area, especially in the winter. Why? Because they offer an undercarriage wash option. This cleans out the underside of your vehicle, which during the winter is where you need to focus.

Thankfully we don’t have the kind of snow and ice that our neighbors to the north do, but our roadways do need to be salted occasionally. This salt, if left to fester, will wreak havoc on your vehicle. Sodium combined with water and oxygen will begin to eat away at the metal under your car, causing rust. And once rust starts to eat away at the integrity of your vehicle, there isn’t much you can do. So wash your car every other week or so and always go for the undercarriage option.

Check Your Tires

Check your tires by pulling out a quarter and placing it in the treads. If you can see Washington’s hairline, it’s time to invest in new tires.

During the colder months, when the roads might be slick, traction is your best friend. Don’t put this off, assuming it won’t snow for the rest of the winter. Lately, it seems like we’re always due for at least one random snowfall nobody expected. So keep yourself prepared with durable tires.

Maintain Your Fluid Levels

This is especially important with your engine coolant. Your vehicle won’t run optimally if it falls under a set minimum engine temperature. If the coolant/antifreeze is low, your engine can run into all kinds of performance issues. So check the coolant/anti-freeze level (and if you need to add some make sure your vehicle has been off for several hours – otherwise, you run the risk of burning hot coolant spraying out).

When performing these car care steps, make sure you add in temperature- appropriate windshield washer fluid. Don’t buy the stuff that doesn’t work in sub-3-degree temperatures. Keep that bottle in your garage for the summer and purchase a bottle of washer fluid designed for the colder temps.

Servicing at Brown’s Collision Center

By following these tips, you’ll avoid most of the damage and performance issues winter can cause. From regularly washing your vehicle to checking fluid levels, these simple steps can easily be performed. However, if you’re involved in an auto accident and need help repairing your vehicle, look no further than our team here at Brown’s Collision Center. From our staff of certified mechanics to friendly customer service representatives, we’re here to help when your vehicle needs a bit more than winter car care. So give us a call today to schedule a service time, and we’ll do everything in our power to get you back on the road.

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