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5 Common Causes of Auto Body Repair | Brown’s Collision Center

Whether your vehicle experiences major or minor auto body damage, you will require a professional mechanic to restore your vehicle to pre-damage conditions. Vehicle damages can be quite frustrating since they cause you major inconveniences. Working with a reputable auto body repair shop ensures that your inconveniences are minimized, and you can go about your […]

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We Offer On-site Enterprise Rental Vehicles for Our Customers | Brown’s

One of the worst things that can happen is for you to be involved in an automobile accident. Accidents, especially those that aren’t our fault, are always an inconvenience. First, you have to consider any medical issues you might have, then there’s the police report to fill out. You also have to complete insurance forms in order to […]

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Difference Between Traditional Body Damage Repair and Aluminum Repair | NWA

In order to meet specific government fuel standards, many automakers have begun constructing vehicles from high-grade aluminum as opposed to the more traditional steel. Aside from high-end sports cars constructed from fiberglass, steel has been — and continues to be — the go-to building material for most manufacturers. It’s durable, easily forged, and is a […]

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