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At Brown’s Collison Center, we know your car is important to you. We work hard to make sure your vehicle is repaired, back on the road, and good as new. Once you’ve experienced an accident, it can be overwhelming. Although most collision repair service providers don’t bother sharing the technicalities of the process, having the details about the collision repair service is important. Apart from taking the mystery from the process, it gives you an insider look into the time, cost, and labor involved.

Collision Repair Process

      1. Vehicle drop off

When you bring in your vehicle for collision repair at our facility, we collect contact information, gather necessary insurance information, and oversee all the relevant documentation. We help ensure the handover is as seamless as possible!

Our certified technicians begin evaluating the damage. Later, we provide accurate estimates of the completion time.

At Brown’s Collison Center, we consider all the factors that could affect the completion time. Faster completion of work is beneficial for both parties. The vehicle must return to its pre-loss condition. Our efficiency and experience make this possible.

     2. Damage assessment

Once the vehicle has been dropped off and checked in, we provide estimates based on the extent of the damage. At Brown’s Collision Center, we ensure the car is fixed in an economically feasible method.

Our team of specialists is more than happy to provide all details regarding the estimate. Moreover, you can assess the progress of the work as we work on the vehicle.

      3. Collision repair and auto body repair

After the client’s needs have been addressed, the repairs commence immediately. Our technicians work round the clock to ensure the vehicle is fixed on time. The artistry, structural integrity, and parts fitment are carried out keenly.

Our goal is to provide quality collision repair services. We utilize state of the art equipment and machines to keep our operations efficient.

      4. Painting refinishing

At Brown’s Collison center, we understand this makes or breaks the entire collision repair operation. The time taken to complete the process is dependent on the extent of the damage. Nonetheless, whether it’s a small job or a more demanding task, we uphold quality collision repair services.

We utilize modern equipment to produce high quality refinishing. Once the vehicle is refinished, it’s then taken to the next stage for reassembly.

     5. Reassembly and completion

During this stage, our certified technicians ensure every component is where it should be. Rigorous tests are carried out, and safety and functionality are checked. Thanks to our years of experience, there is no vehicle too complicated we cannot repair and reassemble.

We take time and assess each part and reassemble them accordingly. The car is then cleaned; dirt and dust are removed, and road tested to ensure everything is working correctly. Brown’s Collision Center helps you return your vehicle to its pre-accident state.

Top-Notch Collision Repair Services from Brown’s Collision Center

Brown’s Collision Center is your trusted collision repair services provider. We understand the magnitude of the trust placed in us; that’s why we hire certified and licensed technicians to handle your collision repair services. We look out for your best interests by utilizing the state of the art equipment. Our goal is to provide quality collision services as fast as possible. Reach out to our specialists for more details.

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