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While primarily known for our wide range of services, Brown’s Collision Center is also one of the most customer friendly companies in Bentonville, AR. In fact, at the company, we take more pride in providing exemplary customer service; everything else can wait.

We know that cars are expensive investments. For most of us, the car is our most prized possession after a home. Some have spent tens of thousands to acquire the automobiles. So, you want the car to be in the best state possible at all times. That’s why we treat each car with high levels of respect.

We are also aware that accidents and other damages to a car can be frustrating. Whether it’s damage from hail or a scratch that happened at the parking lot, we know that these incidences can significantly inconvenience your day to day movements which, in turn, can have a profound effect on your life. So, we have promised to be your best friend should your car have a problem. Not only will we work round-the-clock to return the car to the desired state, but we will do so without burning a hole in your wallet.

Long story short, here are the four qualities that make our customer service standout;

  • Our professional staff

Brown’s Collision Center has been around since the 1950s. Over that period, we’ve had hundreds of different staff members. Yet, over the period, one thing that has never changed about the company is how well the staff has been treating our customers. From the manager, right to the customer service department, we have a tradition of putting the customer first. We believe that we are only in business because of you. So, we make sure that your every need is met.

  • Our timely support

As already mentioned, owning a car isn’t a bed of roses. From time to time you’ll find yourself in situations where you need urgent help. Perhaps you’ve just been hit in a fender bender. You need someone to quickly come in and help you repair the damages. You may even have an important trip coming up, so you may want the repairs completed within just days. When you come to that point when you need someone you can depend on, Brown’s Collision can always come to the rescue. We understand what it means to be involved in an accident. We will help get your car back in shape in record time.

  • We help with insurance claims

For those who’ve needed major auto repairs in the past, you must have witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be to negotiate with insurance providers. A majority of these companies are often keen on paying the least amount possible. At Brown’s Collision, we will work with you to ensure that your insurer provides enough money to fund every necessary repair.

  • We back every repair with a lifetime warranty

We are aware that there is a lot of competition in the industry. There are dozens of “repair” shops on every corner, most of the out for a quick buck. To show you that we are different and that we have full confidence in our services, we back every repair with a lifetime warranty. If we fixed the lights and after a few weeks they are popping out, just bring the car to Brown’s Collision Center and the issue will be fixed at no extra charge!

When you combine these qualities, you’ll discover that Brown’s Collision Center isn’t just about car repair. It’s about making your life as a car owner a little easier.  Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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