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The Different Auto Body Repair Options at Brown’s Collision Center | NWA

Not all auto body repair is from a major accident. At Browns Collision Center, we specialize in a host of different repair practices, designed to work specifically with your vehicle’s needs.

We are happy to handle:

  • Minor Scratches and Dents
  • Larger Dents, Chips, and Cracks
  • Panel Replacement
  • Frame Straightening

Whether you were involved in an auto accident, backed into a street sign, or a tree branch fell on your hood, we have all the techniques and methods at our disposal to restore your vehicle and return it back to pre-accident condition.

Minor Scratches and Dents

There’s nothing worse than walking back to your car in the grocery store parking lot, only to see a new scratch along the panel where a cart hit it. Depending on the severity of the scratch, we may be able to easily buff it out. Minor scratches can be rubbed out quickly, without any speciality equipment. Some dents can be popped out easily as well. The dent depends on the location and if the paint was broken, but often times it doesn’t take long to restore minor scratches and dents.

Larger Dents, Chips and Cracks

If the damage is on the larger side, we generally look at two options. The first is to use an auto body filler. This filler can be applied and smoothed out in the damaged area of the vehicle. Once painted over, it’s impossible to tell the difference. The second option is to have the entire panel replaced. If the damage is smaller or costs less in the long run, we typically recommend an auto body filler. It’s quickly to perform and you’ll love the end result. However, if an entire panel is damaged, it is best to replace the panel.

Panel Replacement

In the event of a larger accident, replacing the panel is the way to go. There are a few different options available for replacing the panel. First, we can look at the cost of a panel directly from the factory that manufactures panels for the assembly line. These panels are exactly the ones used when building the vehicle. The second option is to go with a third party manufacturer. For more popular vehicles or for certain areas of the vehicle (such as a bumper) there are third party companies that produce replacement panels. The third option is to obtain a used panel, often from an auto junk yard. Taking replacement parts from vehicles in an auto junk yard is a common practice, as even though the vehicle no longer runs, the panel may still be in pristine condition and costs significantly less than a brand new panel. Some insurance companies require us to look for used panels before moving to new panels. It is ultimately your call though and we’ll go over the pros and cons of each auto body repair option with you.

Frame Straightening

Often times the most serious damage a vehicle sustains isn’t visible to the naked eye. If your vehicle’s frame is bent it reduces the structural integrity of the car and may cause problems in the future. We use computerized technology to straighten the frame.

To make sure you have a beautiful vehicle after service, we specialize in different auto body repair methods. It doesn’t matter if you require a filler or the entire panel needs to be replaced, at Browns Collision Center, our main priority is your satisfaction. If you are in need of auto body repair services, have a question about what we do or how we handle insurance companies, give us a call or stop by the shop today.

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