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No two accidents are the same. Whether a low-speed fender bender, a high-speed collision, or just weather damage, each repair made to a vehicle is unique, and only an experienced collision repair professional has the experience to complete the work on a case-by-case basis. At Brown’s Collision Center, we specialize in every kind of auto body repair imaginable.

No-Paint Dent Repair

From shopping cart damages in the parking lot to backing into a curb, dents can occur around any corner. With modern vehicles, paneling is more likely to dent without scratching off paint. When the paint is not damaged, it may be possible to repair the dent without any pigments. Depending on the location and the severity of the dent, one of our technicians may be able to pull out and smooth the panel to the vehicle’s original shape.

Body Filler

There may be times when the dent is just too significant to pull out. When this happens, you typically have two options. First, you can have the entire panel replaced, or second, you can use a body filler. Replacing the entire panel is far more expensive, so body filler may be the way to go. Filler is applied to the dent and smoothed out to perfectly mimic the original shape of the vehicle. From there, the filler is painted to match the rest of the car. Each situation is different, but typically, using a body filler is the way to go if the panel doesn’t need to be replaced.

Straightening the Frame

It is important to bring your vehicle into a collision repair center after any accident, no matter how small. This is because the frame may be bent, which in turn affects how the vehicle runs and its overall safety. This collision repair involves manipulating the frame back into its original design.

Replacing Panels

When damage to an individual panel is significant, body filler can’t get the job done. Instead, the entire panel needs to be replaced. Replacement options can vary, and include both brand new panels and used panels. Going with a used panel saves money and is often the recommended approach by insurance companies. As long as a perfect match is located, you won’t notice the difference, and you will not experience a reduction in quality. However, going with a new or used replacement panel ultimately comes down to preference and availability.

Different Kinds of Body Damage

While repair methods are the same, the cause of your vehicle’s damage can vary. In a moving accident, serious damages can occur even if you were traveling under 25 MPH. If your vehicle was parked when damages occurred, it may have been due to weather. Weather-related damage, including falling branches or hail, may prove especially dangerous to your vehicle. Shopping carts and car doors can cause these small dings and dents, proving that damages can happen in an instant, and when you least expect it.

At Brown’s Collision Center, we strive to provide the very best auto body repair services around. Whether a vehicle suffered weather-related damage or was involved in a significant accident, our team of experienced repair professionals will have your vehicle looking showroom ready. So, if you have been involved in an accident or simply have had damages you want restored, bring your vehicle by the shop or give us a call at Brown’s Collision Center today!

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