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The levels of body damage that a vehicle can sustain are variable, all the way from being in pristine condition all the way to being good for parts only. The Brown Collision Center can identify what level of damage your vehicle has sustained, as well as what will be involved in repairing this damage in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Grade 5—Miniscule Damage

When a car is in Grade 5 condition, its level of body damage is barely worth noting. Some people may not even notice the degree of damage that qualifies a car to be in this range. There is no visible damage to anything beyond panel surfaces, which will have only the slightest defects. If there has been damage in the past, it was repaired to the highest industry standards. There are no odors, the structure is perfectly intact, the fluids come out clean, and every accessory works. This is as close condition to being new that a used car can claim.

Grade 4—Modest Damage

At this stage of damage, everything works very well, and there is only very minor wear. Highly cared for, slightly used cars fall in grade 4 condition. If there has been any work done, it was to a very high standard, and it was only for minor dents that have not broken the paint. The outstanding characteristics of this level of damage is that there might have been a part replacement. Even the windshield will look to have minor pitting at the very worst.

Grade 3—Reasonable Damage

At Grade 3 condition, the body damage may be somewhat evident. The car may require replacement of a few parts, and there may be some previously repaired collision damage to reasonable industry standards. The windshield may be damaged in a way that can be detected by the naked eye. Accessories may function or may require repair, and there may be the need to service any mechanical components. After having gone through the repair process at Brown Collision Center, the vehicle will not be at this level of body damage.

Grade 2—Sizable Damage

At this level of body damage, panels may need replacing, and parts may be either missing or broken. Condition 2 typically results from either inadequate care, new damage or poor prior repairs by underqualified repair persons. The body structure itself may be in need of repair at this level of body damage, and there may be substantial enough mechanical damage to inhibit the efficient operation of the vehicle.

Grade 1—Terrible Damage

At this stage of body damage, the vehicle may be drivable, but only to the most basic level. Accessories may be functional, but most likely are not. The structure and frame of the car may be warped beyond the original specifications. Further, these vehicles have often sustained serious collisions, fire or flood damage. At this stage, it may be cost prohibitive to recondition this vehicle properly.

Grade 0—The End of the Road

At the Grade 0 level of body damage, your vehicle is most likely not financially worth repairing anymore. At this condition, the body is undoubtedly in abysmal shape. Mechanical parts and body panels cannot be trusted, and the vehicle does not operate. Generally, in this state, a vehicle is suitable for the salvage of it’s few remaining functional parts only.

No matter what level of damage your vehicle may have sustained, you have options. Contact Brown Collision Center today to determine your best next step.

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