You Don’t Have to Fear An Insurance Estimate for Your Auto Damage

Damage to a vehicle can be as traumatizing as the accident that caused it. If you’re like me, once the initial shock wears off, the thought of having to deal with the insurance company weighs just as heavily. I don’t even want to think about the insurance estimate for auto damage.

I’ve experienced everything from careless drivers, straying wildlife and inclement weather, to even malfunctions on my own vehicle while driving on the open road. I’ve grown to know that, that’s just life in Northwest Arkansas.

If you’re like me, you want your experience in dealing with an automotive body shop to be as pleasant as possible and that’s why I trust Brown’s Collision Center with all of my vehicle body repair needs.

Why I trust Brown’s Collision Center:

  • In business since 1989 with roots in craftsmanship dating back five generations
  • They guarantee their work for as long as I own my vehicle
  • A free insurance estimate for auto damage with an ASE certified professional
  • Business built on a foundation of the customer always comes first

I always feel secure in knowing that the estimator’s at Brown’s will handle all of the important details that go along with the demands of my insurance company when a claim is filed. With experienced estimators who will negotiate on my behalf, I never feel like I have to worry if I’m getting the best from my insurance.

They not only put me first as a customer but they deal with all insurance companies. They also have on-site Enterprise car rental and a shuttle anywhere within 15 minutes! How much more convenient can it get?

My vehicle is one of the most important investments I’ve made in my life. So when an unfortunate event occurs and I need quick and dependable work done on my car, I have no worries handing it over to the qualified technicians at Brown’s Collision Center.

The steps to auto body repair:

  1. Estimate – The estimators will assess damage and include every last detail to submit to the insurance company. They are knowledgeable in the sometimes complicated insurance jargon to be able to negotiate the best price for repairs.
  2. Insurance approval – Once my insurance company receives the estimate they will approve any monies needed to repair damages. The estimators are also prepared to deliver additional estimates once my car is disassembled and other damages are found.
  3. Structural repair – Before the body of the car can be fixed, any structural damage to the vehicle must be addressed.
  4. Body repair/Painting – After structural damages are taken care of the body of the car can be pieced back together and painting to match the undamaged portion of the car can begin.
  5. Completion of work – Once the needed repairs have been completed by the auto body repair team, all final paperwork is completed and explained to me and I’m on my way!

An important service that Brown’s offers is a complete detail of my car inside and out after repairs are finished. After all the complicated and emotional toil that has occurred, it’s nice to know that not only do they care about my vehicle being put back together correctly, they care about the way they leave it looking.

I don’t let an insurance estimate for auto damage ruin my day and you shouldn’t either. Brown’s Collision Center proudly serves the entire NW Arkansas area and prides themselves on excellent customer service and unparalleled craftsmanship when it comes to auto body needs.

Call today for your free estimate and make Brown’s your auto body repair shop today and for years to come!


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