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No matter how well you protect your vehicle, there are times where you can’t prevent hail damage. Learn all about the do’s & don’ts as a car owner if you can’t escape hail damage. Whether you’re parked at the office or you’re working your way through traffic, if it starts to hail and your vehicle isn’t completely covered, there isn’t much you can do but wait and inspect your car later. If you discover hail damage on your car, you’ll want to have it serviced. It might not seem like a big deal at the time, but hail damage can prove far more devastating than you might realize.

At Brown’s Collision Center, we want to keep you informed on what hail might do to your vehicle. Here are the top do’s & don’ts for any car with hail damage:

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Your auto insurance may cover hail damage. It comes down to the policy you have, but typically you’ll have some coverage for hail damage. Due to this, as soon as the storm is over, make sure to go out and inspect your vehicle. Look at not only the panels of your car but the windows as well. And do so in full daylight. Don’t do it at night as you’re more likely to miss something. You’ll want to contact your insurance provider sooner rather than later. Waiting too long may result in a declined claim.

Take Your Car to an Auto Repair Specialist

If you’ve identified damage to your vehicle, make sure to take it in as soon as possible. And when you do schedule a service time, do so with an auto repair specialist that works on damage caused by hail (such as our staff at Brown’s Collision Center). Repairing hail damage is different from other kinds of damage, so you’ll want someone skilled in this form of automobile repair. A hail specialist will also help speed up the repair time as they know how to work with this kind of damage.

Don’t Avoid Scheduling Your Auto Repairs

Hail damage might not seem like that big of a deal. After all, you can still drive your vehicle, right? Well, this might be true initially. However, there are several massive problems that can stem from damage caused by hail. First, it may crack or chip the paint. This exposed area will eventually begin to rust. Once rust starts, there’s nothing you can do. You’ll need to have the rusted panel removed, which in the long run will cost you far more than if you had it repaired in the first place.

If the hail has left a chip in the glass, the chip will grow as the weather temperatures shift. This causes the chip to turn into a crack, which will then spread outward on your window like spider legs. It’s far easier (and less expensive) to repair a chip than to replace an entire window because it cracked. So don’t put off scheduling your auto repairs.

Contact Your Hail Repair Specialists Today

If your vehicle has sustained hail damage, it’s essential for you to have it serviced early on. This will let our team at Brown’s Collision Center isolate the issue and repair it before the problem becomes a far more widespread situation. Additionally, the repairs will keep your vehicle safely running and help you avoid additional side effects from the sustained damage caused by hail. So, if your car needs auto bodywork, or you want to know more about the do’s & don’ts when you have hail damage, give our team at Brown’s Collision Center a call today.

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