Drive Proudly With A Newly Refinished Automobile

It is several years since you bought your car, yet you have never considered having it newly refinished. Now you’re driving a partially painted car. The problem is with you, not your car! At Brown’s collision center, you get the chance to give your car a brand-new look. All you need is a flat budget to get the car back in shape and repainted. What you need to feel is the attachment you once had with your vehicle. A quality repaint from a customer-focused collision center gives you that pride of ownership. Auto refinishing your vehicle will see you driving it proudly for over five more years.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Your Car Is Safe from Structural Damage | Newly Refinished

Your metallic car parts remain free from electrochemical deterioration while the paint remains intact. You want to keep your car safe from corrosion that can undermine the strength of the metal.

The right auto refinishing procedure starts with a quality basecoat followed a clear topcoat. This should protect your vehicle from peeling. If your car is scratched or involved in a minor fender-bender, you can rest assured its aesthetic value is intact.

Brown’s Collision Center uses the best shades and number of coats to get your car looking brand-new. Our refinishing procedure protects steel and enhances its strength. You can drive your vehicle for 5 years or more without stressing over another repaint.

2. Your Car Is As Good As New | Newly Refinished

Newer (even newer-looking) things have a higher value. Maybe you’ve been considering selling your car because of its age. Auto refinishing may be all it requires to give it a like-new feel. Most people find refinishing increases the value of their car but then…they don’t want to sell it!

The secret of proudly owning a brand-new second-hand automobile is buying an old vehicle at a low price and refinishing it to look like a dream. Don’t let a rusty-looking vehicle tarnish your reputation when you can get this problem solved at Brown’s Collision Center at a fair price.

3. Now, Cleaning is Much Easier | Newly Refinished

Older paint jobs get dirty faster. If you’re tired of making frequent car wash runs (or washing the car yourself), auto refinishing can save your day. A refinish gives your car a smooth coat so that even mud and other specks of dirt can barely stick to its surface.

Cleaning suddenly becomes fun since dusting off the car is also an option. You don’t need detergents, soaps, and scrubs to clean the car! All you need is a soft cloth to detach the dirt.

Getting an auto to refinish at Brown’s Collision Center returns the glory of owning a car to you. Maybe you can get your kids to clean it because now, it’s easy.


If you live in the Bentonville, AR area, consider getting expert help with your car repair services. Don’t give up on your vehicle. Invest in auto refinishing and enjoy car ownership once again.

Your car reflects your personality. To enhance its visibility value, contact the staff at Brown’s Collision Center for a perfect newly refinished job.

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