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Summer is over, fall is here, and winter is closely approaching. Your car has seen the longest hot days during the summer season, and all you want is to get it checked. Moreover, your vehicle is about to face cold winter days and nights. It deserves a fall maintenance treat to get ready for what’s ahead.

Brown’s Collision Center is well equipped with the knowledge of and expertise in the services your car needs this fall. Here are some of the car maintenance practices you should have a mechanic perform on your car this fall:

1. Change the Wiper Blades.

The fall and winter season require you to have functional wipers. You don’t want a blurry windshield in the rain. Blades are cheap and very easy to get changed.

Get one of our experienced mechanics to choose the right blades for your car at Brown’s Collision Center if you’re in Bentonville, AR, and its outskirts.

2. Check Your Battery.

During summer, you’ll realize how efficient your battery proves to be. However, as temperatures drop, battery performance also starts to drop.
It’s critical to get your battery checked before winter to make sure all its connections are clean and free from corrosion.

Furthermore, the heat of the summer sun causes battery fluid to evaporate. Refilling the fluid will save you from having a dead battery in winter.

3. Test the Heater and Defroster.

While you get your radiator hoses checked, be sure to do the same to the heater hoses. A working car heater will defrost your car and help keep you comfortable.

Brown’s Collision Center has well-equipped mechanics to check and test the heater and the defroster of your car. It’s a perfect way to prevent accidents on foggy days.

4. Get the Lights

During fall and winter, the nights are usually longer than the days. Visibility is vital to prevent accidents since driving in inclement weather is unavoidable. As a result, the quality of your car lights needs to be the best.

Ensure all the exterior lights are functional. It’s equally important to get the headlights properly focused. All this can be done for you in no time at Brown’s Collision Center.

5. Check the Car Tires.

One of the most critical car maintenance routines in fall is checking the tires. You should frequently check tire pressure since it’s prone to act up as temperatures change. You should not only check the tires already in use but also the spare tire.

You should get an expert to check the tread depth so you can drive assured of safety. Brown’s Collision Center provides reliable car maintenance services, including checking for punctures.

6. Check and Fix the Brakes.

Brakes are one part of a vehicle that can expose you to accidents if ignored for long periods. Be sure to get the brakes checked every time you take your car for a car maintenance checkup and even more often in adverse weather conditions. Also, refill the brake fluid if necessary.

7. Get a Wash and a Wax.

Protecting your car’s exterior coat is essential, especially if you value its appearance. It’s also the perfect way to prevent road sludge from damaging the car’s paint.

Brown’s Collision Center knows the best wax for your car for the winter weather. Get a mechanic to spray the hinges and locks with silicone spray to prevent them from freezing shut.


Contact Brown’s Collision Center and get all the help you need to ensure your car is in good shape this fall.

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