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Fender bender accidents might seem like a minor inconvenience at first, but if you’re not careful, they can turn into significant problems. When an accident occurs at slow speeds like this, it’s challenging to figure out the full extent of the damage or what issues your vehicle may now be more susceptible to. That’s precisely why we at Brown’s Collision Center want to make sure you take all the necessary steps to protect yourself and your vehicle. By following these three simple steps after any fender bender you find yourself involved in, you can be confident that the accident will not cause any unpleasant surprises for you later on.

Step 1: Contact The Police

Yes, even though it’s ‘just’ a fender bender, you do need to contact the police. It’s worth your time to do so, and you should never accept another driver’s offer to settle for a small cash payment to let the matter go. Without a police report, your insurance company will have nothing but your word to support your case if you file a claim with them. You’ll end up having to pay for any repair work you need to be done out of your pocket, even if you can’t afford to do so.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s tough to tell just how much damage a minor collision may have caused. It might not look like there is anything wrong with the vehicle, but a severe problem might be lurking out of sight. One common place where these hidden issues crop up is in the vehicle’s underlying frame. A damaged structure can cause all kinds of performance and safety issues and is one of the most urgent fender bender repair matters out there.

Step 2: Exchange Insurance Information

After the police have been notified, it’s time to approach the driver of the other vehicle and exchange your insurance information. This is a step you would never skip with a more harmful accident; fender benders should be taken just as seriously. Both you and the other party involved may need to pursue claims for not only repair work but also associated medical expenses.

A fender bender can cause indirect damage to your body as quickly as it can your vehicle. You’ll want to have a doctor look you over just in case, and if any injuries are found, you may need things like a brace or some physical therapy that will cost you even more money. You could potentially get all of these things covered if you know where to direct your insurance claims; without that information, you’ll be on your own.

Step 3: Bring Your Vehicle In For An Inspection

It takes an expert eye to be sure that all of your possible fender bender repair needs have been accounted for. Instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping everything is as it should be, it’s best to bring the vehicle in for us to inspect.

At Brown’s Collision Center, we will perform a complete vehicle inspection. This includes not only the paneling, but the frame, the interior components, and every other part of the vehicle. This way, we can let you know for sure if only small cosmetic repairs are needed or if more significant work is required. Thankfully, as long as you followed the other two steps, you’ll have your insurance information and the police report on file.

Fender Bender Repair Gets Done Right at Brown’s Collision Center

Fender benders happen. Whether your vehicle is nudged while parallel parking, the other party’s wheels locked up, or someone didn’t brake soon enough, that incident is noteworthy,. You must follow these three fender bender resolution steps for the best outcome.

At Brown’s Collision Center we will always perform a full inspection of your vehicle in these cases to make sure any damage is properly diagnosed and repaired! While the collision might have been minor, there’s no telling what sort of structural damage it may have sustained until after the inspection. From fender bender repair to significant highway accidents, if you require auto repair servicing, be sure to come on out and see us at Brown’s Collision Center.

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