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Car maintenance is one of those things that you probably don’t look forward to doing, yet it is something you need to stay on top of. Your vehicle comes with a recommended service schedule, and, as long as you follow it, you’ll avoid the most costly repairs. However, there are a handful of other common car problems that might spring up from time to time. You may want to push off taking care of the issue, but more often than not, the longer you push it off, the greater the chance of it, leading to a much more serious situation. You don’t want a minor inconvenience turning into a major and expensive repair.

At Brown’s Collision Center, we want to do everything in our power to help you take care of your vehicle. That is why you need to service your vehicle whenever experiencing one of these five common car problems.

1. Overheating Engine

Have you noticed your engine temperature is starting to tick up to the “Hot” reading? Typically, your engine thermostat should linger around the middle point of the temperature gauge. But if it’s been inching closer and closer to the hottest temperature mark, you need to service your vehicle. This might be something as simple as a low level of coolant. It might also mean a busted thermostat or other problems. Allowing your engine to overheat can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, all when basic car maintenance could have run just a few dollars.

2. Squeaking Brakes

If your brakes are squeaking, you need to bring your vehicle in and have it serviced right away. Squeaking brakes mean you’ve already run through the brake pads, and now you have metal squeezing down on your calipers and rotors. This can change a basic repair into one that costs three or four times the amount it would change your brake pads.

3. Car is Pulling to One Side

When you let go of your steering wheel, your car should maintain a straight path. Over time though, that will change. You may feel your vehicle pulling to one side or the other. This will lead to safety issues, not to mention it wears down your tires. It may be something as simple as worn tie rods. Stay on top of our car maintenance and bring your vehicle in for servicing when it starts to pull.

4. Ticking Sound

Ticking is never good. It might as well be a bomb waiting to go off. Sometimes it is a minor issue. It could be as simple as a piece of cardboard stuck in your wheel well. Other times, it can be more serious. Don’t let a ticking sound linger.

5. Vibrations in the Pedals

Do you feel vibrations in your pedals? Any kind of new feedback in your brake or gas pedals is a sign you need to bring your vehicle in for servicing. It often points to deteriorating or loose equipment.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced Today

If you are experiencing one of these common car problems or it is time to have your vehicle serviced based on your owner’s manual, you need to bring your vehicle in. Putting off servicing your vehicle will only cost you more later on down the road. That is exactly why you need to set up an appointment or bring your vehicle to Brown’s Collision Center.

We are here to help you maintain your vehicle. So whatever the make or model, give Brown’s Collision Center a call today. This one call will go a long way in extending the life of your vehicle.

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