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Have you recently been in a fender bender? Well, car accidents come with unforeseen repair expenses that you cannot avoid. The extent of the damage will determine how much you spend on auto collision repair. It is recommended that you fix major or minor damages as soon as possible to before they worsen. Working with a reputable auto collision body shop for your collision repair ensures that you get the best services at an affordable price. An auto collision repair center should have top-notch damage assessment equipment to ensure your vehicle is detailed inside and out when it leaves the auto body shop. Discussed below are five common repairs you are likely to require after an auto collision. 

1.    Dent Repair 

The kind of dent repair you require will depend on the extent of damage sustained during the accident. For minor road accidents, the small dents can easily be repaired with paintless dent repair. 

This is a dent repair technique that does not require your vehicle to be repainted. The expert technicians use specialized equipment to pop the dented area back up. 
Deeper dents will require much more work because they can’t simply be popped back to pre-accident conditions. First, the area will have to be filled with a body filler. After this is done, the area will be retouched with fresh paint that matches your vehicle’s original paint color. 

Repair shops have state-of-the-art paint mixing systems to ensure the damaged part does not stand out like a sore thumb. Working with a one-stop shop with premier services, like Brown’s Collision Center, ensures your car leaves the auto shop looking brand new. 

2.    Scratches 

Unlike dents, scratches damage the paint of your vehicle. If your vehicle is married to scratches, the best solution is a new paint job. Scratches expose the body of your car to the elements which can cause it to rust. A new paint job protects your vehicle’s body and improves aesthetics. 

You will need ASE certified collision repair professionals to do the paint job if you want your vehicle to look brand new. A profession auto body shop uses corrosion resistant primer and several layers of paint to ensure your car’s body is fully protected from the elements. 

3.    Front Bumper 

The front bumper of your vehicle is usually the first part to absorb shock during an accident. Even though they are designed to protect your vehicle in an accident, they can get damaged too. 

Safe bumper repair is required to ensure you are protected the next time you get into an accident. The technician team at Brown’s Collision Center will ensure the job gets done correctly.

4.    Fenders 

Fenders get damaged when your car gets hit from behind. Rear end collisions happen when your vehicle suddenly stops, or the driver behind you is distracted. Just like front bumpers, fenders need to be repaired as soon as possible. If the damage is too serious, you will need to replacement parts.

5.    Headlights and Taillights

Since headlights and taillights are made from plastic and glass, they are unlikely to hold up during an accident. They get damaged even in minor accidents. Get them repaired as soon as possible because you need them to navigate traffic. 


Even though road accidents are unforeseen, you need to take care of auto collision repairs as soon as possible so that they don’t get worse. Working with a professional auto body shop like Brown’s Collision Center ensures your vehicle is repaired to pre-collision conditions. 

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