Five Generations of Craftsmanship | Brown’s Collision Center

As a vehicle owner, you’re bound to experience problems such as damage from a collision or regular wear and tear. Also, regular maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle in good condition. Brown’s Collision Center was established in 1954 by the father of current owner Keith Brown. By 1989, Brown’s Collision Center established itself as a leading collision center services destination. It has proven to be consistent in its quality services through its five generations of craftsmanship.

Here’s how Brown’s takes care of its customers in Bentonville, AR

1. Quality Customer Service

Brown’s Collision Center prides itself on being one of the best in customer service. Good customer service has earned customer loyalty as well as positive reviews for the company.

Through the years, Brown’s Collision Center has established a good foundation in customer service. They believe that the customer should always come first, so you’re assured of the best customer service. The experience will make you want to make return visits the next time you need repairs or maintenance.

2. Consistent Workmanship

Along with quality customer service, Brown’s Collision Center offers consistency in their services to retain their customer loyalty. Also, consistency ensures you establish a good relationship with your customers for future transactions.

At Brown’s Collision Center, you’ll be able to get your car serviced for as long as you own it. Through five generations, the center has always been there and will continue to be there for you with the best craftsmanship. You’re assured of quality lifetime workmanship for your vehicle.

3. Professional Services

With Brown’s Collision Center, you can get free estimates from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified professionals. Their technicians are experienced and can offer you the best professional service possible.

Through their professional team, you can get customized customer service that’s tailored to meet your specific needs. Their teamwork will benefit you a lifetime as long as you own your vehicle.

4. Full Service Center

Brown’s Collision Center offers a wide range of services to cover your needs with only the best craftsmanship. From auto collision and refinishing to hail damage repair, you can get numerous quality services all in one place.

They offer an in-depth analysis of all the repairs needed so underlying issues can be identified and resolved immediately. Brown’s offers a variety of services from the major ones to the minor that your vehicle will need. Regardless of the type of vehicle, you can get all the repairs and maintenance you need. You don’t have to make several stops at different shops just to get different kinds of services.

5. Reliable Services

When taking your vehicle to a shop for repair and maintenance, you want to always get value for your money. Reliability is an important factor when choosing where to get your services.

The team at Brown’s Collision Center offers dependability on all aspects of their services to ensure efficiency, work satisfaction, and worthwhile customer experience. Also, they work in partnership with and are recognized by insurance companies so your repair process will be as easy as possible.


Brown’s Collision Center prides itself on taking proper care of your vehicle and making it look good as new regardless of the damage. With their professional team, you get the best customer service and quality services so you can enjoy your time owning a vehicle.

Get your vehicle services done at Brown’s Collision Center and enjoy a lifetime of quality service for your vehicle.

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