Five Tips For Traveling Long-Distance This Winter

If you’re planning on traveling long-distance this winter for a road trip, it’s critical that you first get your vehicle ready. Unlike traveling in summer or spring, winter trips require that you do a little more preparation to prevent accidents, breakdowns, or worse.

Snowy, icy roads usually result in poor driving conditions that contribute to many injuries due to collisions and swerves. Following these important car tips will help you and your passengers stay safe when traveling long-distance this winter:

1. Keep Up with Vehicle Maintenance

Total car maintenance is the best service that you can do for your car before embarking on a long-distance winter trip. There’s always very little that you can do to stay safe on a snowy, icy road if your car is in poor repair.

Failing to service your vehicle will only end up making even the minor problems worse, especially in poor driving conditions. You don’t want to end up with a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere. Let Brown’s Collision Center change your oil, replace worn-out brake pads, change air filters, and more.

2. Clear Your Windows

As tempting as it may be to clean small areas of your iced-up windshields and windows, this can result in some dangerous driving conditions. Visibility can be so poor that you don’t see obstacles or other vehicles right in front of you.

Give your car the service it needs. Let the professionals at Brown’s Collision Center clean your windshields and windows to improve your vision throughout your drive. Remember, even a few moments on the road is enough for a fender bender, maybe even worse.

3. Have Your Belts Inspected

Car belts can last a very long time. However, if you’ve used them for several years without changing or inspecting them, then this is the right time to do so. Don’t head out on a long-distance trip without having a professional inspect all your belts.

Belts are generally not expensive to replace, yet if even just one snaps while you’re driving long distances this winter, then your vehicle becomes an accident waiting to happen. So, while having Brown’s repair team change your oil and inspect other parts of your vehicle, ask them to check your belts as well.

4. Consider New Tires and Brakes

Winter driving can be very difficult, especially if you have worn-out tires or brakes. If your tires have very little tread left, consider having them replaced. Winter tires are much better options as they remain flexible even when exposed to very low temperatures.

Improving your tire traction and cutting down on the time it takes to stop your vehicle on an icy road can also improve your fuel economy.

5. Emergency Kit

Consider this your real-time insurance while driving on a snowy, icy road. Even with your vehicle inspected and fully equipped for a long-distance winter drive, you never know what can happen on the road.

A time will come when you will need an emergency kit and this is one of the car tips that can literally save your life. It’s one of the best car tips your technician can give you, so buy one or stock one yourself that’s equipped with all the winter emergency essentials.
At a minimum, your kit must include:

•    Shovel
•    Flashlight
•    Water
•    Flares
•    Jumper cables
•    Antifreeze
•    Tow rope
•    Scraper

Bottom Line

Brown’s Collision Center is the best vehicle repair and maintenance company in Bentonville, Arkansas area. Contact us today and we can help prepare your car for traveling long-distance this winter.

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