Five Tips On Preparing Your Car For Winter Weather

Your car needs all-weather maintenance, mostly during winter. As a car owner, you need to maintain your vehicle to avoid damage or an accident diligently. Car care before winter saves a lot of money and hassle. The professionals at Brown’s Collision Center are devoted to maintaining and repairing your car. You’ll go through winter without stress about your vehicle getting stuck or damaged.

Below are car care tips to keep your car out of trouble during winter weather:

1. Change and Check Your Car Tires

There are unique and specially manufactured winter car tires. They’re designed to maintain increased friction caused by the snow. The tires will give your car balance while turning, stopping, or while driving on the cold pavement.

Also, it’s vital to check the tire pressure since driving causes wear. Deflated tires make it difficult to track on icy and slippery services.

2. Check and Fix the Brakes

Car brakes are an essential part of a car since when they’re ignored, it can lead to fatal accidents. Brakes must be checked often during adverse weather conditions. Ensure that the brake fluid is refilled and check to see whether your brakes are operating correctly before starting your trip.

Expert technicians at Brown’s Collision Center should handle brake repair or replacements. During winter, the roads are slippery, and therefore a specialist technician should handle brake repair or replacement.

3. Ensure Proper Light Functioning

Winter seasons lead to short days and long nights, so you’ll find yourself driving for long hours during the night. In this case, your car lighting system should be in order and reliable.

Before winter starts, ensure that your lights don’t have a foggy layer that restricts complete lighting. In case your car bulbs are out, replace them and during your stops, wipe any ice or snow covering your lights before continuing on your journey.

4. Check Battery Life

Car care entails extensive inspection and maintenance of car components. The car battery is among the essential car components. Therefore, it should be in good condition to avoid being stranded on the road during winter.

Before hitting the road, remove any rust or corrosion around your car battery terminals. Take your car to an expert for inspection and ensure there is no short that can cause battery drainage. It’s very dangerous being stuck in the middle of nowhere during winter after battery drainage. Ensure it has a useful life or replaces it with a new one early enough before winter kicks in.

5. Fix or Replace Your Windshield Wipers

During winter, it’s common to have dirt and snow on your windshield. For this reason, your car’s windshield should be in good condition. It can be dangerous if you’re not able to see clearly when driving due to windshield wiper failure.

Test your windshield wipers before winter starts, and if they’re worn, have them replaced so you can see more clearly and avoid accidents.


Contact Brown`s Collision Center for the above services to ensure that your car is in good condition to go through winter weather. Seek assistance from experts to check whether the car parts are in order. Service your vehicle to resolve any issues that might result during winter. Prevention, in this case, is better than spending more money on the repair or having a breakdown or accident.

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