Five Ways To Prepare Your Car For Fall Road Trip

If you’re planning a fall road trip, it’s crucial to get your vehicle ready for the rigors of the road. A little bit of preparation might prevent an accident, breakdown, or worse. Below, our car care team provides some helpful road trip prep advice that will keep you safe as the temperatures begin to dip down low, and the days become shorter.

1. Check the Tire Pressure

Check your vehicle’s tire pressure with a tire gauge you can trust to be accurate. Take a look at the label on the inside of your vehicle’s door or the manual to find the proper pressure numbers. Inflate the tires to the recommended psi level, and you’ll be able to hit the road with confidence. The team at Brown’s Collision can help if you have any questions about your tire pressure!

2. Check the Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. If your vehicle’s oil has not been changed in the past 5,000-7,000 miles, the time to change it is now. Both the quantity and quality of the oil matter. If the oil is low-quality, it will make it difficult for the engine to operate as designed. Furthermore, refreshing the oil ensures you will not run out of this essential fluid as you explore on your road trip. If you were to run out of oil, your vehicle might not be able to start even after the oil is replenished. When in doubt, get the oil changed at Brown’s Collision, so you have complete peace of mind during your fall road trip.

3. Mind the Battery

If your battery runs out of juice, you won’t be able to check out all the sights during your road trip. Take a close look at the battery terminals to see if there is any corrosion. If there is corrosion, power won’t be able to move through it to provide a charge. Come see the team at Brown’s Collision Center today if you have questions regarding your battery.

4. Check the Tire Tread

Though you can hit the road with tires that are worn, you run the risk of not being able to stop in time to avoid collisions. Do the smart thing by having your worn tires replaced before your road trip at Brown’s Collision Center.

5. Take a Look at the Belts

The typical car engine contains one essential belt that runs the vehicle’s alternator, charges the battery, operates the A/C, and serves other vital functions. If this belt breaks, you’ll be in trouble during your fall road trip. If you spot any cracks, missing pieces from the belt’s underside ribs, excessive wear and tear, or anything else concerning, have a professional mechanic take a look at your vehicle before departing on your autumn road trip.

Contact Brown’s Collision Center for Car Care

Our care team is here to help get your car ready for your upcoming fall road trip. Reach out to us at 479-273-2639 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment. And if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having an auto accident during your road trip, our car care team is here to help repair your vehicle and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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