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Being in a car accident can be scary and disorienting. Not only are you overwhelmed by the accident, you have a car with substantial damage. You can use this step-by-step guide to get started and you can rely on the services of a trusted collision center in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Seven Steps to Get Your Car Repaired or Replaced

STEP #1: Contact your insurance carrier and file a claim.

As soon as you call the police and get needed medical attention, your next step is to contact your insurance company. The faster you make the claim, the faster the damage repair process gets started. Also, when you call the insurance company, you will get faster coverage of out-of-pocket expenses.

STEP #2: Document the damage.

Use your cell phone to take detailed pictures of the damage done. Be sure to take multiple pictures of each area. Take pictures from different angles to get the best exposure.

The photos of the damage will help make the claim process go faster. It will also help you document any other damages that occur due to the car being towed or being stored in an impound lot.

STEP #3: Document the scene of the accident.

While you are taking pictures of the damage to your vehicle, take pictures of the accident scene. Be sure to include pictures of other vehicles involved with the accident, pictures of police, and pictures of landmarks around the accident.

All of this information will help the insurer process the claim faster, which means your car gets fixed that much faster.

STEP #4: Get your car to the collision center.

If your car is in driveable condition, you can take it to a trusted collision center in Bentonville, Arkansas yourself. However, if the car has sustained a lot of damage, have a tow truck move the vehicle for you. Your insurance company may even make the call for you.

Remember to keep any receipts you get so you can add the costs to your insurance claim.

STEP #5: Have the car inspected.

You will need to have the car inspected by a certified collision professional. The technician doing the inspection will document the extent of the damage and report it to you as well as your insurance company.

If the amount of damage done is more than the value of the car, the insurance company is likely to consider the car totaled. That means the insurer will not pay for repairs, but will likely pay for the fair market value of the car prior to the accident.

STEP #6: Get a repair estimate.

No only will the technician do the inspection, he will also provide you with an estimate of repairs. The technician should go over the estimate with you and describe the work to be done.

Now, the insurance company is going to decide what they will cover and what they will not. They will offer you a monetary amount to cover repair costs.

STEP #7: Get the repairs done.

This is where you start to get things back to normal. Once you get a repair estimate and know what the insurance company will cover, your final step is to have the collision repair shop start the work.

The fastest way to get things back to normal is to have a trusted collision center in Bentonville, Arkansas assess the damages and get the repairs underway. Give us a call at Brown’s Collision Center.

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