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As fall temperatures get colder, there are some car care routines that you should embrace. These not only help ensure your safety but also help prolong the life of your vehicle throughout the autumn weather.

Brown’s Collision Center’s experienced staff recommends the following steps to get your car ready for autumn weather:

1. Check And Change Fluids

Since the temperature will be dropping, it’s an excellent time for you to consider changing your car fluids. When the temperature falls, it may cause the fluid in your car to be thicker and move more slowly through your engine.

Experts recommend that you come in to drain your coolant if you live in areas that have extreme temperature fluctuations between summer and autumn. The coolant in your car is part water and part coolant. During the summer season, the ratio of water to coolant will be higher as compared to during the winter season.

2. Check the Wiper Blades

Taking time to check your wiper blades is often forgotten since people tend to take them for granted. Wiper blades are one of the most used pieces of equipment in the car. Over time they get damaged and are worn out. When the silicon or rubber that holds on the wiper blades is worn out, the blade may scratch your windshield.

Additionally, this may leave patches of moisture on the windshield. The blades may also chatter when they move across your windshield. Getting the blades replaced is a simple process that doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time or money.

3. Check the Tires

Driving around on the slippery ground can be very dangerous. For this reason, you should make sure to check your tires and replace them if they are worn out. As the seasons are changing from summer to fall and winter, the roads tend to be slippery due to rain and snow.

For this reason, you need to ensure that your tires can withstand being driven in slippery places. This reduces your risk of getting into an accident. Also, make sure to add air to your tires since their pressure drops with a change in temperature. Simply stop by Brown’s Collision for help checking out your tires during this autumn weather.

4. Check Hoses and Belts

You should ensure that your hoses and belts are in excellent working condition. This helps prevent your car from overheating. Although this usually occurs during summer, it can also happen during fall and winter.

Make sure that there are no leaks, wears, and cracks in any of the belts and hoses. When you notice that your car has these problems, you should take it to your mechanic. They’ll fix any issue and ensure that your vehicle stays well maintained throughout autumn. Give the team at Brown’s Collision a call for professional help with your hoses and belts.

5. Check the Brakes

Having your car’s brakes checked should be done regularly, not only during autumn. This should be an essential part of your car care routine that should be embraced all year round. Having responsive brakes is very critical for safe driving.

During winter and fall, brake problems increase. This is because roads can become slippery from ice, rain, and snow. Before taking your car for a drive, listen to any unusual noises that may suggest your brakes have a problem. When you notice this problem, take your vehicle into Brown’s Collision to get it fixed.


Regular car care prolongs the life of your vehicle and improves your safety. Contact us if you’re looking for a company that repairs and maintains your vehicle, so it stays in good working condition throughout any season.

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