Hail Damage

If the Bentonville area is in the line for hail, then the best thing you can do is protect your car. Try to park it in a garage or a carport. If that is not possible, then cover the car with a blanket or special bubble paying special attention to all the windows. In the event that you cannot protect your vehicle, then be prepared for hail damage. Unfortunately, the damage comes not only from the hail, but from the wind that often accompanies the hail when it falls in the Ozark region.

Protect Yourself

Do not try to protect your vehicle if there is imminent danger of you being hurt in the process. After all, your life and health are more important than your vehicle.

Inspect the Damage

After the storm has passed, then inspect the damage. It is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle could still pass state inspection. In particular, look for broken taillights and headlights, as these make the vehicle unsafe to drive. If any window are broken, then cover them with plastic ensuring that no water can get in the vehicle. Inspect the car for dents looking especially for dents that have cracked the paint. If necessary, remove any contents of the car to a safe location where they can dry.

Call Your Insurance

Chances are that if you have full overage insurance, the damage to your vehicle is covered by your insurance policy. You may, however, have a higher deductible for hail damage than for other damages. Your insurance company will either have an inspector come look at your car at its present location, tell you where to take the car to have it inspected or have you send pictures of the car to them. Regardless of who you use as an insurance carrier, you have the right to use any shop that you desire.

Repair Vehicle

If you were lucky, then the hail damage left only small dents in the car that did not crack the paint. In most cases, these dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair and your car will look new again. If the damage is so severe that paintless dent repair cannot be performed, then you still need to have the car repaired by a reputable shop. The problem with these dents is that they are a great place for rust to set up and erode the vehicle’s finish. If water entered the car during the storm, then ensure that none of the electronic modules was damaged, as this can cause long term problems. In addition, make sure that the damage inside the vehicle has not harmed the wiring harness as corrosion in this area lowers the vehicle’s value.

Choose Brown’s Collision Center

We sincerely hope that you will choose Brown’s Collision Center to fix your vehicle. We are ASE-certified mechanics that have a strong reputation for helping the local community, In addition, we have been named Farmer’s “Top Shop” for the entire eastern division, and have been named Safeco Insurance regional shop of the year. We have been in business since 1954, and have been your friend and neighbor since 1989.