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Just how much are you prepared for the spring hailstorms coming your way? Major storms can significantly affect our property, including vehicles.

If you live in a “stormy” area, you have cause for concern. You may not be able to dodge storms, but you can get your vehicle prepared for severe weather events.

There are various ways you can prepare your vehicle for hailstorms, including partnering with a professional and reliable auto body shop.
Here’s how Brown’s of Bentonville, AR helps their customers:

1. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

According to the Insurance Information Institute, hailstorms cause billions of dollars in damaged property every year. Before they hit, it’s good to know if your insurance policy covers hailstorm damages and to what extent.

If you’re not insured, now is an excellent time to add it. This will buy you some peace of mind, knowing your insurance policy is ready to protect you.

Also, with comprehensive insurance coverage, you may be protected from various other nature-related disasters. Insurance policies can ensure you don’t strain your pockets whenever spring hailstorms or other severe climate events affect your vehicle.

2. Early Inspection

Early inspection is essential for your vehicle. The tests conducted in your auto body shop prepare your vehicle for possible dangers, including hailstorms.

Weaknesses that can harm your vehicle or passengers are identified and corrected. For instance, the material used for your windscreens may be too weak to withstand hailstorms. A stronger one is recommended.

When planning for inspection, you need to consult your Brown’s; your local, professional auto body shop.

3. Hail-Proof your Vehicle

Hailstorms can happen on the road, so being aware of covered parking in your area can be useful. Whether it is in the shopping malls, stores, or a gas station, you should seek shelter as soon as possible for safety.

If you don’t have a closed garage, you can get a protective cover from an auto body shop or devise creative ways to protect your vehicle. Get advice from a reliable auto body shop about how to shield your vehicle from hailstorms.

4. Quality Repair and Maintenance

Hailstorms can cause small or larger types of damage. A professional auto body shop will help identify all damages and estimate work needed. All dents, scratches, and dings will be professionally managed.

Climate changes lead to weather events. A good auto body shop will partner with your insurance company to lower or eliminate the costs of repair and maintenance.


You can always take protective measures for your vehicles; any season. Early preparation, inspection, and maintenance can shield your vehicle from the effects of spring hailstorms. It pays to be prepared as well as insured.

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