How To Recognize Warning Smells From Your Car

Being able to recognize strange warning smells from your car is a critical car care tip. If your car has been smelling normal and suddenly you sense a weird smell, it means that something is wrong with the vehicle, and you should act fast.
Whether it’s a sweet smell of syrup or a very sharp smell of burnt rubber, get help with diagnosing the problem from experts like the team at Brown’s Collision Center.

Different smells can be used to diagnose various car problems. It’s essential to be sure of the smell before concluding what’s wrong. There are familiar smells that are known to indicate specific issues.

You may find it hard to tell what certain smells from your car means unless you get help from an expert. Here are some tips from the team at Brown’s Collision Center on how to recognize warning smells from your car:

1. Rotten eggs

A bad catalytic converter causes your car to smell like rotten eggs are hidden somewhere in the car.

The car care specialists at Brown’s Collision Center will quickly recognize the need to change the converter. You need a converter that can efficiently convert hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust.

2. Burnt oil

The smell of burnt oil is a familiar strange car smell that most drivers ignore. If your nose recognizes this smell, check your car’s oil dipstick. It’s possible that you’re running out of oil, or the engine is possibly overheating.

It could also mean that you have an oil leak. For a leak, check the surface under your car for oil traces. If the vehicle was running, check to see if there is smoke coming from the engine and if there is, get a mechanic as soon as you can.

3. Gasoline smell

Be very quick to act if you smell gasoline in your car since it’s a possible fire hazard. Check to see if there is gas leaking from any area of your vehicle, especially the fuel tanks or the fuel injector line.

It’s hard to maneuver through the car systems checking for leakages, so consider hiring an expert from Brown’s Collision Center to help you through it. You don’t want your car exploding, so seek help!

4. Sweet syrupy smell

This is a smell that could mean before you realize it, you’re replacing the whole cooling system. The sweet smell often indicates that there’s a leak on the radiator or cylinder, or that the manifold gasket has failed. Be careful not to open the radiator cap; otherwise, you risk burning your face!

Get a mechanic from Brown’s Collision Center to identify and solve the issue since they have a team that can diagnose and fix the problem.

5. Smell of smoke

If your car smells like smoke, it shows that the engine could be severely worn out or the exhaust system is leaking.

It’s better to get a mechanic to check a variety of things like worn-out pistons or low compression. He may also check for fumes coming from the wrong parts of the exhaust pipe. A rusted muffler could also be the cause of the smoky smell, and you never know, maybe there’s a leak between the catalytic and the resonator.

Get help and stop guessing for possible causes. Brown’s Collision Center has got you covered in Bentonville, AR


Don’t risk traveling in a problematic car. These warning smells are a sign to call the team at Brown’s Collision for help. Get professional car care experts to help. When you put your vehicle in good hands, safety is guaranteed. Ensure your car is always roadworthy by giving it the necessary service. Call Brown’s Collision Center, a partner every car driver could use.

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