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Visiting a collision center is not something most people do on a regular basis. The visit can be required due to an accident or just a desire to spruce up your old ride. No matter the reason for your visit, you can expect the best customer service possible when you work with Brown’s Collision Center.

We Greet You With a Smile

You are our customer, and we want to make you feel welcome when you do business with us. That is why we greet each customer with a warm hello and an even warmer smile.

Even if our first contact is on the phone, the smile and warm greeting will be the same. We want your customer service experience to be positive from the very start.

We Want to Know About What Happened

Every vehicle comes into the collision center with a story behind it. It might be your son’s car, and he got into a fender bender right after he got his license. You might have been in an accident on the way home from the store over the weekend, or you might want to give new life to your reliable ride.

We want to understand why you come into Brown’s Collision and how we can help you.

We Listen to What You Have to Say

Your car is coming into our shop and into our care. We want to listen to the details of what occurred and what your concerns are. You know your car better than anyone. You know what is wrong and what needs to be fixed.

Even if your insurance company is footing the bill, you are our customer, not the insurer. We want to know what you have to say.

We Will Do a Full Walk Around

Nothing can replace a physical inspection of your vehicle. While you are here, we will do a full walk around your vehicle and assess the damage done. We will point out the potential hidden damage that could be lurking beyond the obvious damage.

We will mark down all the damage found, so we have a full record. If the insurance company is footing the collision bill, we will also discuss any other uninsured damage that you might want to be fixed at the same time.

We Will Give You an Estimated Completion Date

Once we know what the full extent of the damage is and what the work is going to cost, we will be in touch with you about an estimated completion date. It may take a few days to do the proper research, but once we have the date, we will let you know.

We always welcome your questions about how things are progressing and if things are on time for completion.

We Stay in Contact with You Throughout the Process

It goes without saying that we will need your name and contact information to get the job started. However, you will also get the name and contact information of someone you can contact directly with any questions or concerns.

We will stay in contact with you throughout the repair process. We will give you updates via your preferred method: text message, email or phone.

Call Us Today

If you need work on your car, you need to work with the leading collision center in NWA. Call us here at Brown’s Collision Service today. We take pride in providing the best collision repairs and the best customer service in the industry.


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