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There are numerous reasons why a car’s paint job might require refinishing. The paint might be too old, peeling or rusted, or the vehicle could have sustained damages from a collision. Your vehicle’s body repair and auto finishing require the touch of a professional from Brown’s Collision Center. Upon choosing us, you and your car will be treated with the respect you deserve. Our knowledgeable professionals employ state-of-the-art equipment coupled with superior quality products to restore your car’s aesthetic appeal. Illustrated below is our auto refinishing process that will get you back on the road in no time.

Body Repair

Our auto refinishing process begins with body restoration, which ranges from dent repair to full panel replacement. To remove dents, our experts will hammer them from inside or use a suction cup fitted with a handle to pull the dents from the outside. If the dents are enormous and your insurance provider finds repairs impractical, we can replace the whole panel to give your car a perfect look. However, this process will not be necessary if you only require a paint job.

Primer and Fine Sanding

To begin with, all the parts that will not be included in the refinishing process are covered using protective materials to prevent paint from reaching them and masking tape to hold them in place. After repairing all the dents, we sand down the remaining paint, which is accomplished using high-quality sandpaper until all the rough areas are removed, and the entire coating becomes completely smooth. If the top layer of your vehicle’s paint is peeling, our professionals will use a sander to remove it all. These specialists will also apply urethane primer on the entire surface of your car. We then wrap 400-grit sandpaper on a ridged block, which is subsequently run against the surface to remove any residual paint and smooth out the primer.

Computerized Color Mixing and Matching

At Brown’s Collision Center, we understand that the key to providing a quality auto refinishing job is finding the exact color for your car. However, vehicle manufacturers do not supply us with paints for sale, which leaves us with the complicated task of mixing the colors. Our auto shop features a mixing booth where a sophisticated computer is programmed to mix the paint required for each vehicle. The process and exact ratio in which the paint is mixed is provided by the car’s manufacturer through the Vehicle Identification Number. This essentially allows us to create the precise color of your vehicle with utmost precision based on your manufacturer’s guidelines and mixing formula.

Refinishing Formula

At Browns Collision Center, we use the refinishing formula provided by the VIN. Basically, vehicles have a two- or three-stage refinishing process. A significant number of vehicles have a two-stage process, which involves applying a base color coating and a clear top coat to seal and protect the paint. Three-stage colors include metallic pearl and require a middle layer. These colors demand a lot of time and knowledge when mixing and applying them, which we gladly input so that we can produce superior products. Besides, we utilize state-of-the-art painting equipment to make your vehicle look new again.

At Brown’s Collision Center, getting you back on the road with a car that looks brand new is our priority. This is why we use the highest quality finishes and paints available on the market coupled with state-of-the-art equipment for every auto finishing job. Whether you require a simple auto repair, full-service collision restoration or vehicle detailing, you can trust us to get your car back in shape.

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