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When summer is upon us, people look forward to warm and sunny days. However, summer can also come with heavy hailstorms that can cause severe damage, especially to your vehicle. It is always advisable to park your car under a shed or in a garage to protect it from hail damage. However, if your vehicle sustains hail damage, you need to act immediately to retain the value of your vehicle. The sooner you take care of hail damage, the better because waiting only worsens the condition of your car. Working with expert technicians is always best, as trying to repair damages on your own could worsen the situation. This post hail damage checklist guides you on what the professional repair process looks like.

1.    Take Care of Small Dents 

Small dents are one of the most common ways hail can damage your vehicle. When small pieces of hail hit the body of your vehicle, they leave small dents. Even though this damage is minor, the dents greatly alter the appearance of your car’s body. These shallow but extensive dents need to be taken care of by an expert technician. 

2.    Repair Deep Dents 

Aside from small dents, your vehicle might have also sustained deeper dents. This happens with larger hailstones that hit your vehicle at a higher speed. Deep dents are more likely to damage the paint job.

3.    Asses Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Sometimes the hail impacts your body so hard that it tampers with the paint job. Scratches and cracks on your car paint need to be taken care of, as scratched paint can cause the metal underneath to begin to rust.  

Expert technicians can restore your vehicle’s appearance thanks to the specialized paint mixing systems. Since the touch up matches your vehicle’s factory color, you don’t need to worry about the repaired parts standing out like a sore thumb.

4.    Check that all Plastic Parts are in Good Shape 

The plastic parts of your car will not dent as the metal body will. Instead, the hailstorm will simply crack or break those parts. A professional mechanic will be able to determine which, if any, plastic components need to be replaced or repaired.

In case of replacement, ensure you use parts from the original manufacturer, called OEM parts, which are guaranteed to last long and serve you well.

The Bottom Line 

Working with Brown’s Collision Center allows a professional to take care of all your hail damage checklist repairs. By doing so, you help maintain the value of your vehicle, as professional mechanics will be sure to leave no hail damage behind.

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