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Most companies will often rely upon their customer service representatives to help their customers with inquiries, complaints and concerns. It is therefore imperative that such customer service representatives acquire appropriate and thorough training, enabling them to handle all kinds of customers in a professional manner. Besides, professionals with specific skills and qualities will go a long way in helping their company meet and exceed its customer service goals and objectives. The following are essential qualities of a good customer service representative.

1.Appropriate skills

Quality customer service representatives are required to routinely operate phone and computer systems, while performing essential functions of their jobs. It is therefore vital that they posses basic knowledge pertaining to office etiquette, as well as how to perform transfers and holds. Moreover, such representatives should be capable of speaking clearly and demonstrating their ability to listen, while comprehending individual customer concerns and questions. A good customer service representative will also offer customers a follow-up phone call, which is intended to give the customers a chance to provide feedback about the establishment for which the representative is working. This would essentially give the representative and the company an opportunity to improve. They should also be able capable of mastering and understanding company software programs and employ their basic navigational skills in recording data and processing transactions.


This refers to the ability to accomplish the allocated tasks, learning new things and excelling in specific areas of trade. Customer service professionals should be willing to participate in continual training and development programs, which are designed to help them cope with policy updates, new software programs and procedural changes. Moreover, they should exhibit extraordinary ability to handle multiple tasks.

3.Appropriate attitude

This is arguably one of the most important aspects of a good customer service representative. They should be able to maintain a positive and pleasant attitude at all times. It is crucial that such representatives demonstrate willingness to assist and encourage customer loyalty, which is achieved through effective and efficient actions and communications.

It is not uncommon to find customer service professionals encountering extremely challenging situations and customers, especially due to the nature of their position. At such times, these professionals must remain calm while resisting the urge to take things personally. A calm attitude allows them to negotiate in a professional and courteous manner towards a possible resolution.

4.Listening skills

All exceptional customer service representatives are expert listeners. Although such a professional will often be tempted to interrupt when a customer is venting their frustration, they understand that the root of the problem is revealed through the customer’s tirade. Good listening skills also involve asking appropriate questions in a bid to clarify the customer’s problems while demonstrating their ability to truly understand the issue.

Training employees in customer service has become extremely essential especially because customer satisfaction has become a vital point of difference among companies. Practicing basic tenets of appropriate customer service can help any company in promoting good publicity and ultimately generate more business.

It is for this reason that Brown’s Collision Center has integrated customer service training to teach their employees about the customers’ obvious and not-so-obvious requirements, and taking prompt actions in resolving the raised issues. If you are located in the Northwest Arkansas area, and are searching for qualified technicians for both your minor and major collision repair, check out Brown’s Collision Center. They have exceptional customer service representatives with unique characteristics, allowing them to offer you a unique experience from the time of dropping your vehicle off, to the time of picking it back up.

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