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Welcome to Brown’s Collision Center, Northwest Arkansas’ leader in auto repair services. Whether it’s a small ding or a near-totaling collision, we have the skill and experience to restore your car to its original sparkling condition.

Wondering why you should choose us over the other many repair shops in NWA? Simple – we have the best repair specialists. Not to brag, but our technicians are the best trained, most knowledgeable, and most experienced in the region.

Training is Essential in Keeping up with Latest Trends

Thanks to technology, auto repair trends keep changing every single day. For instance, most diagnostics are now made using small microcomputers that have tremendously increased accuracy and efficiency. The end result is that technicians can identify problems faster and perform repairs more confidently.

Then, you also have to take into account the fact that many repairs are now done with aluminum. Back in the day, this wasn’t even remotely possible as the metal was preserved for high-end cars only. Now, it’s the most commonly used metal in auto body repairs because it’s light and inexpensive.

These are just some of the trends that the industry has witnessed in the recent past. Many others are in the pipeline even now. The bottom line is that whenever these technologies are adopted, technicians must be properly trained to master and implement them. Brown’s Collision Center has always been at the front-line in adopting new technologies and providing the necessary training for our technicians so they can provide customers with exemplary services.

Our Knowledge Means You’re in the Right Hands

Aside from training, Brown’s Collision Center is known for a highly knowledgeable workforce with all the skills necessary for high-level auto body repair. This has been achieved in two main ways.

First, the company is and has always been headed by car enthusiasts with a thing for auto repair. Right from his early days, Kenneth Brown worked on cars. He was once a wagon worker and later dealt with Model-Ts and Model As before opening the Brown’s Body Shop. Keith Brown, meanwhile, spent all his youth alongside Kenneth, learning all the requirements of the industry. In total, Keith has now spent 44 years in car repair.

Secondly, Brown’s Collision Center consistently hires the best talent in the industry. With competition at its peak, landing passionate auto repair technicians is a challenge even for the biggest repair firms in the country. Retaining the talent can prove even more difficult. But thanks in part to the respect that the owners enjoy and the community culture of the company, Brown’s Collision Center consistently hires and retains the best repair specialists.

Experience Ensures that Our Work Stands Out All the Time

Finally, when you choose Brown’s Auto Collision, you can rest assured of exemplary workmanship. From customer service to the actual body works, you’re choosing the absolute best auto repair shop in Northwest Arkansas.

Our customer support desk will ensure that all your questions are answered. Whether you’re in a hurry and need the job completed within a short period or trying to get help hauling your car from a distant location, the support team will have a solution for the situation.

The management and repair specialists are just as supportive. They will understand whatever you might be going through, including financial challenges, and help you find lasting solutions without putting undue strain on you.

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Looking for auto repair services in Northwest Arkansas? Give us a call today at 479-273-2639 to speak with our repair specialists.


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