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Getting Out Of An Aggravating Situation
Few things are more aggravating than a rear-end collision, especially when it’s the other driver’s fault. You will have to handle the stress of speaking to the other driver, potential injuries, insurance companies, and more. You shouldn’t have to spend lots of your valuable time finding an auto collision repair center and getting your vehicle fixed. Brown’s Auto Collision Center can lend a helping hand and lift some of the burdens from your shoulders.

A Common Issue
Rear-end collisions are extremely common and can be very impactful. They could damage more than just your bumper and your trunk. After even seemingly minor accidents, your car might have transmission damage, misaligned wheels, wobbly steering, unusual vibrations, a bent frame, electrical issues, or other harder to trace damage. Your vehicle may not even start because of a tripped switch or a damaged battery.

Getting The Right Repairs
Fortunately, we’re a one-stop shop, and we can handle everything your vehicle needs. All of our technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). We offer free estimates with no diagnostic fees. Our professionals will make sure that nothing gets missed and everything is repaired. We detail the interior and exterior of every vehicle before returning it to you, and our work is always guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

Additionally, we always work hard to return your car as soon as possible! We understand that you probably need it to commute, run errands, and take care of basic family’s needs. Accordingly, when an accident occurs, a rental is often necessary until repairs are complete. We have an Enterprise Rental Vehicle Outlet on-site. That way, you can easily get a rental and return it when your vehicle is repaired. You won’t have to worry about not being able to get to work or the grocery store. If you don’t need a rental, we offer shuttle service for everyone within 15 miles.

Reliable Repair And Good Customer Service
Brown’s Collision Center offers the best rear end collision repair in the business. We’ve been in business since the 1950s, and we received the Best of the Best award from the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in 2016.

Customer service is our first priority, and all our employees are skilled and friendly. Most rear-end collisions take from one to three days to fix, and our knowledgeable technicians can often make your car look and drive even better than before your accident. For help with your rear end collision or any other auto issue, call us at 479-273-2639.

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