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How to Receive an Insurance Estimate for Auto Damage? | Brown’s Collision Center

In the event of damage to a vehicle, whether it’s a collision, weather damage, or another situation out of your control, you’ll likely work with an insurance provider to help cover the cost of repairing it. Obtaining an acceptable insurance estimate for auto damage can vary between different insurance providers; at Brown’s Collision Center, we can work with any insurance provider to ensure your car will be repaired quickly and properly.

Using Insurance Apps

This is one of the newest methods for obtaining an insurance estimate for auto damage. Realistically, smartphone insurance apps are most effective when covering only minor bumps and scrapes; however, some insurance providers do require all new claims to start with their app. Insurance apps require you to snap pictures of the accident and the damage, then submit the information in a claim. An internal claims adjuster goes over the information and provides an auto estimate. However, it’s important to have a professional inspect the damage in person, as certified mechanics can identify problems where untrained eyes cannot.

Speaking with an Insurance Adjuster

For more extensive damage, or if you’d prefer to opt out of the app method, an insurance adjuster can inspect the vehicle. During this inspection, the adjuster will note what they see wrong on the vehicle, then take the information and enter it into a computer system. The system then creates a detailed list of damages and their costs. An adjuster may also identify other areas of possible damage for which you may not know to look (as the insurance adjuster does this frequently), but an adjuster is still not a mechanic. There will be areas of the vehicle they miss, and there could be damage sustained to the vehicle they undervalue. It’s recommended that you always take your vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection when making an insurance claim.

Seeing a Mechanic for an Inspection

It’s important to understand that just because an insurance company provides an initial estimate, it doesn’t mean you’re locked into it. At Brown’s Collision Center, we can work on your behalf to point out the necessary repairs and what needs to be done in order to restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. You and your vehicle are what matter to us. You’re our customer, not the insurance agent. We’ll work with you and the insurer to get the repairs and reimbursement to which you’re entitled. The insurance provider should be footing the repair bills; after all, that’s why you pay your premiums!

If you’re dealing with an automotive insurance claim, make sure you have your vehicle looked at by a professional. The insurance adjuster can inspect the vehicle at the garage while one of our certified mechanics points out possible problems and repairs that must be made in order to restore the vehicle. If you’re unable to drive the vehicle to Brown’s Collision Center, it can be towed to our location. Once the insurance provider is informed, the provider and our mechanics can begin the inspection.

No matter the insurance carrier or the method for which it provides an insurance estimate for auto damage, at Brown’s Collision Center, we’re here to make sure the repair is done correctly the first time. We work with all insurance providers to go over the specifics of your vehicle’s damage, along with what needs to be restored in order to return the vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Regardless of damage or the make and model, if your vehicle’s been damaged, make sure to bring it in to Brown’s Collision Center.

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