How to Receive Insurance Estimate for Auto Damage

How to Receive Insurance Estimate for Auto Damage | Collision Center | NWA

In the event of an auto accident or damage sustained to your vehicle, you need to inform your insurance company of the situation. Make sure to take care of everything with the police responding to the accident beforehand (you’ll need the police report information), but once all of that is taken care of, contacting your insurance company is important. Your auto insurance provider will run through a series of standard questions and have you set up a time to receive an estimate for auto damages. There are a few avenues you can follow for the insurance estimate for auto damage. Follow the option that is easiest for you.

App Estimate

Many auto insurance companies are now pushing clients to use applications to report vehicle damage. Generally, this works best for very minor problems, such as scrapes of paint or small dents. Anything beyond a few physical blemishes should not rely on this kind of an estimate simply because it is difficult to know the extent of any frame damage from pictures you take and submit through an app.

Insurance Agency

If your vehicle is drivable, you have the ability to drive it to a local insurance agent. The agent may also be able to visit your vehicle if it isn’t drivable and you haven’t had it towed yet. With an in-person inspection, an auto insurance agent can usually see greater depth of the damage. Having an actual person inspect the vehicle and make a report is generally desirable, but insurance agents are experts in insurance. They do not have the mechanical know-how for a complete overview of the vehicle. An insurance agent is able to look up the cost of replacement parts, but they may not know the full extent of the damage and what needs to be replaced.

Take Your Vehicle to a Garage First

Ideally, you should have your vehicle towed to an auto garage such as Brown’s Collision Center following an accident. Here at Brown’s, we are able to perform a complete inspection and determine exactly what needs to be done in order to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident look. We also know using a brand-new, factory-constructed part for your car is a better option than scouring local junkyards for used parts, which is what most insurance companies will try to do.

There are several benefits of having your vehicle taken to a garage before looking into your insurance estimate for auto damage. For starters, we have a professional eye for mechanics. We know — beyond just paneling and cosmetic issues — what needs to be corrected after performing a complete inspection. While the auto insurance agent will stop by and indicate what they believe should be paid out, we can then insist on additional elements that need to be repaired in order to keep you driving safely. Ultimately, when you bring your vehicle into Brown’s following the accident and before having an insurance agent inspect it, you’ll have our team of expert auto mechanics on your side, insisting on what needs to be done. While an insurance agency might want to have the vehicle repaired quickly and inexpensively, we want to make sure the vehicle is repaired right the very first time.

In the event of an auto accident, it is always a good idea to have your vehicle towed (or driven) to an auto garage such as Brown’s Collision Center. This way, you’ll receive the best insurance estimate for auto damage. Our team will make sure the insurance company knows what repairs need to be made.

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