Should I Get My Minor Bumper Damage Repaired?

Bumpers are designed to protect vehicles from damage in the event of a low-speed collision. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably wondered whether your bumpers require repair, given that they can take a real beating and stay intact. Plus, the damage to bumpers is often minor, which is why a lot of people are tempted to ignore bumper repairs. However, here are some compelling reasons for getting your bumper damage repaired by our reputable auto body repair shop.

Enhanced safety

The primary purpose of a car bumper is to protect you and your passengers from impact during a low-speed collision. The bumper essentially absorbs the energy from the crash to protect the vital parts of your vehicle from damage. However, some collisions, regardless of how trivial they may appear, can cause extreme damage to your bumper’s structure. If they go unrepaired, your bumpers won’t be able to protect you and your car’s components. This is where our auto body repair shop comes in handy. At Brown’s Collision, we restore the visible and structural integrity of your vehicle’s bumper to protect you, your passengers, and the components of your vehicle.

It Affects Your Insurance Claims

Vehicle insurance is designed to cover the costs incurred when an accident happens. However, insurance agents will often conduct an extensive investigation to determines who is at fault before paying for the damages. If you’re involved in an accident, your insurance company will send an agent to inspect your vehicle. If the agent finds your bumper to be faulty, they might attribute the damages to your vehicle or the injuries to your passengers to a damaged bumper.

As such, your insurer will discredit your claim and leave you paying for the damages out of your pocket. Regardless of how small the damage may seem, you should visit a trusted auto body repair shop when you’ve got bumper problems. We’ll perform a thorough inspection of your car and repair any bumper damage to return your car to its original form.

It Affects Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Even if your car is relatively new and in pristine condition, most buyers are going to lower their offer when they see bumper damage.  Whether your bumper has cracks, bends or holes, potential buyers will assume that the deformation on your bumper is an indication of even more serious damage to the vehicle. Some potential buyers may even assume that you’re selling the vehicle as a way of hiding your tracks after an accident or collision.

Besides, buyers and dealerships will use bumper damage as a bargaining tool to lower your vehicle’s value. This is why it’s a good idea to schedule repairs with our auto body repair shop after every accident, minor or major.

Vehicle bumpers take a lot of abuse that can cause damage in the form of minor dents and dings. While they may not affect your vehicle’s performance, they can compromise your overall security, affect your insurance payout, and lower your vehicle’s resale value. To avoid such eventualities, the best thing you can do is have your vehicle repaired at a reputable auto body repair shop. At Brown’s Collision Center, we can quickly get your bumper damage repaired or replaced to make sure your car is safe and looking great again.

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