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When an automobile owner takes their vehicle to the mechanic, they need to feel assured that their vehicle will be repaired on time and by a professional, an ASE Certified Professionals. A car can be a luxury or a necessity for different people. But what they all have in common is the need to get their car repaired by a Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified professional.

The following are some reasons why being ASE certified matters:

1. It’s a standard of excellence

Whenever the client brings the car for repair, they need to look for the ASE certification sign outside the repair shop. Sometimes only one person can be the holder of the certificate, and if that’s the case, a client can ask to be served by the certificate holder.

The ASE certificate has been around since 1972, and it’s the standard of excellence by employers who are looking for qualified automotive professionals. The certificate shows the person holding it has proper training, a high level of professionalism and is committed to their job.

The organization works to improve the quality of vehicle service and repair. They do this by certifying and testing automotive professionals.

2. It increases vehicle owners’ trust

When an auto mechanic is ASE certified, they are seen as professionals who have qualified for the job. Most clients trust the services of a person with the certificate and feel comfortable getting their car repaired by them.

3. It shows a dedication to professionalism.

The following are some of the requirements needed to get ASE certificate:
The auto mechanic must have worked for at least two years in an automotive repair shop. This shows they have enough experience in their work and know the basics about car repair.

Also, the applicant must be able to sit for one of the specialty exams and pass. The ASE test is only offered twice per year. There are specific types of ASE certification that the applicants can sit for. There are the brakes and suspensions test and the heating and cooling systems.

Additionally, there is an ASE master certification. This is awarded to an automotive professional has taken all the ASE tests and passed. Tests cover engine machinist, medium to heavy truck repair, collision repair, truck equipment, transit buses and school buses.

Certified automotive professionals must renew their certificates every five years. This is to keep them updated about the automotive changes.

4. The certification assures consumers of the mechanic’s skill and efficiency

When a client wants their car repaired, they need to be assured that they are getting the best services from a qualified automotive mechanic. Getting services from a qualified mechanic ensures that the client can get their car on time and ensure that it’s in great shape.

4. It increases employers’ confidence

The employers have enough confidence in the people they have employed. They know that they have qualified employees in the business. This means that the customers coming to their repair shop will be satisfied.

When the clients and customers are satisfied, chances are high that they’ll come back and refer their family and friends. This leads to the business’ expansion and growth.


When you’re looking for a great place to have your car repaired, contact Brown’s Collision Center in Bentonville, AR. Their employees are ASE certified, and this means that they perform great work.

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