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I have over time come to realize that the stress of dealing with auto repair after a collision is equally traumatizing as the accident itself. Even minor abrasions and chipped paint suffered from a fender bender can be costly to repair.

When I first got involved in a car accident, I knew that locating a reliable auto collision shop was central to obtaining quality service. What I did not realize back then is that learning how to deal with my prospective choice of collision shops and my insurer is equally essential.

For instance, when my insurers entered the picture, they wanted me to utilize a mechanic or otherwise be ready to face dire consequences like long turnaround times or limited warranties.

I could not help but think, does it mean that unless I visited their recommended auto shop, I could not get my car repaired efficiently, at an affordable price and still be able to utilize my insurance?

The Relationship Between the Insurance and Auto Repair

Just like me, most people think of the insurance and auto repair as inextricably linked and, therefore, feel the pressure into using the services of the insurer’s recommended repair providers.

However, I later realized that the choice of collision repair shops is entirely mine. Insurance companies only enter into agreements with car repair professionals who offer them, better prices for their services.

The truth is that any certified body shop can efficiently submit insurance paperwork and subsequently communicate with the insurance company.

This realization made me decide not to settle for less than perfect and I contacted this quality, seasoned collision shop. This professional body shop not only employs state-of-the-art equipment, and skillfully trained technicians to deliver exceptional services, they also provide me with a free estimate.

Free Estimate

In this shop’s bid to provide other clients and me an exceptional customer service experience, the professional team at this repair shop takes their initiative to avail a detailed and accurate free estimate very seriously.

While the estimation process is not an exact science, the professionals at this collision center are sufficiently trained to give a free estimate that is as precise as possible. This process is achieved by eliminating variables to evaluate, repair costs.

In essence, it takes more than a straightforward visual appraisal to determine the full extent of my car’s damage accurately. A quick inspection coupled with a few taps on the engine can hardly help to isolate the problem. This skilled and dedicated team performs highly detailed measurements and a thorough comparison of replacement parts before handing me my free estimate.

Having some of the best auto professionals in entire Northwest Arkansas enables this auto shop to deliver exceptional services, including accurately evaluating different car makes with ease. Nothing gives me more peace than knowing that my car will be assessed using the most superior computerized precision available.

In Conclusion a Call to Action

These staff members evaluate the damage to my vehicle, and they take me through the whole procedure, step by step.  Their estimator assesses the damage on my vehicle before providing me a detailed report about the components requiring restoration and a free estimate of the associated repair costs.

When involving my insurance company, the damage and cost estimator from this collision center liaison with my cover provider on my behalf. This process saves me time and allows me to focus on other matters requiring my attention. If you just got involved in an auto collision, stop here today at one of the top quality collision centers Northwest Arkansas offers for a free estimate with a competent technician.

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