The Importance of Auto Refinishing Your Car After a Collision | Brown’s Collision Center

After an accident, your vehicle will likely need body work. Whether this is pulling out dents and filling in cracks or completely replacing panels, there’s a good chance the repairs will not leave your paint job unscathed. This means you’ll need some kind of auto refinishing service to ensure a match between the rest of your vehicle and the repaired area. At Brown’s Collision Center, our team will provide you with the highest quality repair following a collision and expertly matched and applied auto refinishing as well.

Different Shades of the Same Color

In the auto industry, red isn’t just red. “Red” to Chevrolet is different than “red” to Ford and Toyota. Every company has a slightly different shade of this color. In fact, many auto manufacturers specially craft a color tone, then copyright it so other car companies are not able to produce the exact same shade (this isn’t unique to the auto industry). While this keeps exact color tones unique to car manufacturers, it makes auto finishing trickier. In order to match your particular auto color, you need someone who has access to replacement paint designed off of what the auto manufacturer created for your vehicle.

This is why you shouldn’t go with a less than reputable auto refinishing company. A company without the experience and knowledge of paint types may apply an incorrect color to your vehicle, which will cause the repaired area to look off. Even the slightest shift in color tone will stand out and not in a desirable way.

Expertly Applied and Finished

Auto finishing isn’t just about applying the correct shade of color to the repaired area of your vehicle. It’s also important to expertly apply the paint. If the paint is applied too soon, it may not dry correctly. This can result in new paint bubbling and peeling. If rushed, the paint may overlap other areas of the vehicle, including wheel wells and windows. Additionally, if it is not correctly painted onto the vehicle, some areas may be thicker than others, which can cause other problems.

The entire auto repair process is a combination of science and art form. The vehicle needs to perfectly match the shape of your vehicle prior to the collision. After the vehicle is repaired and everything matches, the finishing needs to go on correctly, giving your vehicle the same look it had when it rolled off the assembly line. At Brown’s Collision Center, we strive to offer you the very best auto repairs and auto finishing services possible. So, no matter the kind of vehicle you drive, the model year or the color type, we’ll offer the highest level auto refinishing possible.

There are several different points of concern when it comes to repairing your vehicle. While it begins with the actual repair of the damaged area and making sure everything is restored properly, it concludes with an expert auto refinishing job. Paint colors differ between manufacturers and between model years as well. If the color applied to your repair doesn’t perfectly match the rest of the vehicle, it will look off and instantly stand out. It’ll also come across as unprofessional. That’s exactly why you need a service provider capable of perfectly matching the color of your vehicle. With the help of our team at Brown’s Collision Center, that’s exactly what you receive. So, feel free to give us a call with all of your concerns, questions or requests to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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